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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Red Lives?

Wow! Big Red recovered from the heat and is alive and well. Last night when we found him he was mostly gone but Chance stuck him in the water bucket to try and cool him down.Chance also gave Big Red some water to drink from his hand which the Roo slurped up and passed back out.Chance had laid Big Red in a shady spot to see what would happen.This morning I went out to let the girls free for the day and he was gone.I thought Chance had disposed of him but I did look around just in case. Nope no Rooster.Called Chance at work and no he had not done anything with the bird.So I looked once more and there he was sitting in the shade with his girls.What!? He had not been there earlier.Its a mystery to me the whole story of what happened but he's still here.This is the second time he has cheated death,Big Red had gone to the butchering class in case we needed another bird but he came home again.One lucky bird.
Stay cool folks,it's so hot here my wash on the line dried in 20 minutes.

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