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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The hour is drawing near

Today is the day we hold our first Chicken Butchering Class. We are ready and waiting to load up the truck.The Chickens we are taking are sitting in their cage very unhappy especially Miss Amelia.
I am going to admit that I had to have a talk with both Amelia and myself about what was going to happen.Amelia is one of our older hens.She has become a very cranky old bird who picks fights with the whole flock.I can't have that and I definitely don't want my oldest Hen Cleo picked upon. Miss Amelia has earned her spot as our demo chicken.Laying or not she's going.
Part of that was a hard choice to make.I have been able to talk myself into not having much feeling towards the Meat Chickens but Amelia is different.She's been around for awhile and I am attached to my layers.I know them and their quirks,for better or worse, and I know who's eggs are who's.My girls give me endless pleasure.
It looks like I may be eating a bit of crow today.I have told our students to emotionally prepare themselves for the class.A life will be taken.Now as I wipe the crow from my face I am struggling with the end of Amelia's life. I will work it out, she will be at the class, I just might get a bit teary at her going.
Thank you Amelia for your eggs and life given to further my own.

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