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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July & our 2nd Butchering Class date

I hope everyone has a bang up time today! We always celebrate the 4th here at home.Our whole block has a Potluck BBQ.In the morning a group of us walk to the next neighborhood for a parade that they put on.It's so old fashioned,kids on bikes,Scout Troops and cool old cars.We end up running into people from all over the neighborhood and spend some time chatting and catching up on the news. Then it is home again for an afternoon of games and relaxing in the shade followed by a great dinner.At dark we line the street curb with chairs and every one takes turns setting off their fireworks.It's a great time,good food,games and community building.
I also have exciting news, we are teaching a second Chicken Butchering Class on July 25th here at our house. We had lots of people interested in the first one.So many in fact we had to start a wait list.If any of you missed out on the first one I have listed some of the basic information below.

When : Sat July 25th @ 10 AM - until we are done.
Where: Hrafinstaad Homestead in Beaverton Oregon
Cost: $15 per person
**We have a max of 10 people for this class**
What: Learn to cull,pluck and gut your own chickens. ****Bring your own bird.****
RSVP : hrafinstaad@aol.com
Our last class filled up fast be sure to sign up soon.If we continue to have such a great response we will continue to hold more classes in the future.

One last thing.A few years ago my brother was loading up his fireworks to go out.He put them in a large plastic garbage bag for ease.What happened next was not how he wanted to spend his 4th of July,the static in the plastic caused the fireworks to blow up.He ended up spending his night in the ER with massive burns on his hands and arm.So PLEASE take my warning.FIREWORKS AND PLASTIC BAGS DO NOT MIX! Even though the sales tents send their fireworks home with you in plastic.
Have a great day and night.

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