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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I had a very busy day yesterday,just the usual stuff,house work,baking and a bit of gardening.I picked our first Zucchini before it turned in to a monster or as Chance said "a baseball bat".
Once I had the house work done I went out to the room at the back of the garage I call my studio to haul out the junk that has been left there because no one knew what to do with it. Really there's been no room in there to be creative but I have been so focused on the yard the past few months I did not mind so much.My plan for one half of the studio is to turn it into a pantry.Chance and I finally found an upright freezer,it was even free and in great shape,so some room was needed for it.I moved around my art supplies and cleaned out a lot of plain junk,some boxes to go to charity and some boxes that should be in the attic.And what do you know there's a floor and room for a pantry.I have one large book case and a smaller one to house the canning.I found some extra storage bins that I am going to use on the one book case to store onions and potatoes.I now feel better prepared for the coming weeks of canning and crop storage needs.
While working yesterday I was once again thinking about the work women do and the how I really do have it easy.For example I was waiting for the bread dough to rise and I had a pot of chicken soup bubbling on the stove as I went about my day.I did not have to build up a fire in the stove and keep it going,I just turned the knob and could adjust it as needed.I did a couple loads of laundry too, again, I just pour in the soap powder,which I do purchase,and turned a knob.I even had the ease if I wanted it, to not hang out the wash I could just turn a knob.I did not have to make the soap,haul the water from a well or heat it on the stove,the only washboard here is the one Sol plays as a musical instrument.
My Great Grandmother's family lived far from a town on the North Dakota Prairies and only went to town once a year.On that trip the family had to make sure they had everything they would need for the coming year.I can walk right out my door and be to a store in about 10 minutes and buy only what I can carry home with me,coming back again another day is no big deal.If I run out of something and I have the money for more I go to the store.I wonder what happened out on the prairie if you ran out,I suppose certain items would have been a burden adding more work to a hard working family.
Then there is my Grandfather,the second oldest child and the son of a traveling preacher.The year my Grandfather was 13 his parents left the 6 children on the farm for 6 months.Money was tight and to provide for his family my Great Grandfather went preaching with his wife in tow.My Grandfather and his sister Ruby ran the farm and house hold,they were 15 and 13 but they knew what to do.None of them had shoes and my Grandfather told stories about plowing the fields barefooted.No one fell in the fire,got bit by a snake or died Grandpa and Aunt Ruby did just fine.
So looking back at the lives of my fore fathers and mothers I really can't complain about a hard days work.I am tired some days by the time I fall into bed and I have known the weariness that comes from working in the fields but I can't complain. Ladies of the past had other female relatives to help them in their daily work.I have son's who are good workers and do as they are asked and even love to cook.I have a modern man as a partner who has changed the babies,done the laundry and is a fancier cook than I.I also have these little helpers all over the house,knobs,switches,hoses and buttons all of which are here at my bidding to help me with my day,I can't complain.
Finally, I must say we had the finest pot of Chicken Noodle soup for dinner last night.Thick,rich and golden, a taste that can only come from a home grown chicken.We have not had any of our own chicken in about 5 years.My Dad always raised our birds on his farm for us.My Dad and his wife divorced and he left the farm. We were not ready to raise our own until this spring and I am so glad we did.It had been just long enough the boys had forgotten the taste of a good chicken.After Issac's raving review of the soup I fear the boys will never eat a store bought chicken again.(The same thing happened once we had our own eggs,they turn their noses up at store eggs.) This is not a bad thing but now I suppose Chance and I had better address this before we run out of meat.

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