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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The second Chicken Class date has been moved.

I suppose when you hang a flier on the wall so you don't forget a very important date and then you go and forget about and no longer see said flier it could be a bad sign.
Hanging on the kitchen wall is a bright yellow invitation to come to the Urban Farm Store's Tour De Coop Party July, 25th.The very same day we were going to hold our class.There is no way I am missing the Tour or a party so we have changed the date to ***********
Saturday August 1st and all the rest of the information is the same as my posting about this class.
Tour De Coops is a fun afternoon of touring neighborhood chicken coops.Once you pay the $10 fee for their booklet you go on a self guided tour following the map in the booklet. There's prizes and information shared along the way.Not to mention the fun time of seeing other peoples set ups and gardens.


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