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Monday, July 6, 2009

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I have been thinking about what my blog means to me and what it is I am trying to communicate to the wide world. I reread my first posting with the hopes it would remind me of what I started out to do. I have shared with all of you our gardening,projects and some food ideas.Some where in there there have been our goofy moments and stories shared. But it has left me wondering what next? Have I run out of things to say? Am I standing on a soap box preaching to a sleeping crowd?
My hopes are to share with everyone the sense of being able.Able to grow your own food on some scale.Able to cook and preserve.Able to think of solutions to your needs and wants. No matter where it is you live as long as you call it home and no matter what your income may be.
Chance and I want to be able to live this sustainable life and incorporate as many green,organic and energy efficient things as we can.Sometimes people look at this life style as being too expensive and it can be.And the sticker shock can stop you in your tracks.We live on this skinny one income budget and raising two boys to boot but we are doing it. All it takes is a bit of thinking outside of the box and the desire to just do it.(not to quote any shoe company but that's how we do things,we just do it.) We want our readers to come along on our journey and to give everyone the inspiration to do for themselves as much as they can. We are here to lead by example.
We know not everyone has the life skills we do.Our resume as a couple is unique, chef,line cook,baker,stone mason,welder,teacher.The list dose not include the many hobbies that make up who we are.We are here to share that crazy ball of skills with those who are seeking.Others freely taught us their skills and now with our own twists we are paying it forward.
Just like at Christ's table, everyone is welcome; no one is turned away. I have this big pet peeve when it comes to anyone being left out you see. Every person on this planet has something to offer and is valuable.I have no time for those who exclude others due to some agenda or narrow mindedness. Rich man.Poor man, Geek,Hippie,Yuppie, what ever title you chose leave it at the door and come play with us.We'll throw you our ball of skills and you can toss back yours and along the way we will all grow and learn from each other.
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  1. I just wanted to say that I have really been encouraged by your blog. We are buying our first house currently and will also be making it on "one skinny income". I have been so encouraged by your working outside the box, your garden and believe your blog is a continued effort to create community. I do like the variety of postings and appreciate your honesty when things don't work out or are frustrating...makes me feel we have a chance :) Once we have our house I plan on slowly ripping out the yard and producing our own food and while my partner is not as handy I do like that only 20 miles away you all are doing so much. Do you do any canning or have any special recipes to use for excess tomatoes/fruit/bounty? Thanks neighbor!

  2. Lacy,Thank you for the positive feed back.
    I do can.I posted a few weeks ago about making Strawberry Jam.If you are looking for a good resource for canning look for The Ball Blue Canning book,it is a blue paper backed book about the size of a magazine .It is put out by the Ball Canning Jar company and I have seen it at Powell's books in Portland for around $10.The directions are easy and clear.
    I also have lots of recipes for using up the bounty of fruit and veggies that are around right now.Now that I know someone is interested I will be sure to post more of them.
    If you end up wanting to do some canning and want someone to hold your hand or show you the ropes let me know,20 miles isn't that far away. : ) I maybe doing a group canning of Pickles in August so check the blog for further details regarding that.