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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Readers, I have no thoughts on what to write about and it will be a couple of weeks before we start the next project.Is there anything anyone would like to hear about? Food,Gardening,Chickens,Blacksmithing,Canning, anything you are wondering about here at Hrafinstaad? I don't mind sharing with all of you and I am sure there are parts to our days,things we do without much thought or things I have given a glimpse of that maybe someone is thinking "Wait, I want to hear more about...."
I did receive an email saying they were waiting to hear more about our Cob/Earth Oven project.That I think is our next quest.Both Chance and I have been reading up on how to build one and making a supplies list.Most of what we will be needing we are planning to salvage from spots around town.I have looked through so many pictures of what others have done that I was seeing Cob ovens swimming before my eyes.My artist eyes were envisioning something bigger and grander than we have planned.I am impressed by the beauty in some of the ovens out there.
I liked this one for its simplicity and the wood storage below.There's also some works of art on Kiko Denzer's website and he also has a great blog.
We are definitely still in the planning stages on this one but I'll keep you all up to date as we get farther along.
The garden is doing better now that we are no longer using the bales.The tomatoes are growing and setting their fruit.The cucumbers are full of blooms along with the squashes.I planted some late beets and I think in a couple of more weeks we may have some tender small sized ones to eat.I re-planted out swiss chard and put our chicken tractor over it since it is now planted in the cats afternoon nap spot.
I don't think I mentioned that we have let the Poulet's go a bit longer until we butcher them.I put my head totgether with Pete the Chicken guy from Urban Farm and we both thought letting them go longer was best.The information Pete had regarding these birds had said to butcher at 11 weeks but they were small,not much bigger than a game hen.I think by the first of August they will be ready.
That's about it.Send us your questions or request for either of us.

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  1. More about canning & preserving please. I'm greener than green when it comes to preserving food and I'm learning by following the paths blazed by others. Love to know what you're doing!