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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home again

We ran away to live in a tent,in the woods with a river flowing by just the four of us and it was good.
One of the greatest joys to living in Oregon you is you can drive in any direction for an hour or an hour and a half and be someplace totally different than home,no matter where in the state you live.To the west,we have the ocean and its beaches,a rain forest that runs the coastline.Not a tropical one,but one filled with ancient fir trees,ferns and mossy greenness.Cool and damp. We have an abundant valley that runs up the middle of the state with green rolling hills.East of the valley we have snow capped mountains and blue green rivers flowing to the sea.Over the mountains first comes the high desert, dry,cold,hot and trees of a different kind than my home in the valley.Farther east is the desert with wild sage more snow capped mountains and a open beauty to it.Make a wish and you just might find it here.
We camped for 4 days and it that time span I learned a bit.My boys still like to play even if they are growing into men.Our dog is slowing down,after just one day she was ready to lay by the fire the whole day and watch us from a far. I also learned we need to spend more time away from home out in the wilds,watching the trees sway with the breeze,the water flowing ever westward and listening to the silence.
It was good to play and romp.We swam in a river that was blue green and so clear you could see all the way to the deepest parts.We rode our bikes for a couple of hours on the road that followed the river,spying a pair of Ravens, picked wild Black Cap berries.(They look like a large Raspberry but they are black) and let our heads empty as we wheeled along.The fishing was fishing but the scenery made up for it.We threw rocks into the river, to see how far we could throw and to hear the rocks go plunk in the water.Played cards by candlelight,roasted marshmallows and slept soundly.
Now we have come home again,back to our daily life and the work that needs doing. Sorry there are no photos of our trip,the camera seems to have eaten them and besides that we were busy playing.

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