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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blacksmithing @White Hart Forge

I wanted to pass along some information about a tool making and repairing class that our most awesome friends at White Hart Forge are teaching on an ongoing bases.Knowing how to make and care for your tools is a huge benefit.Keeping your tools in repair means they will last you a longer time.And if you have made that tool you will be even more motivated to care for it.This class could be just one more way for folks to become self sufficient and build your "Can Do" attitude.
Dan and Heidi are a husband and wife team of Professional Black Smiths (I know pretty cool a lady smith) who live across town from us.These two have offered Black Smithing classes at the Smithy before but this is a brand new class that I have not been able to find on their website as of yet.Lucky for me I seem to be in the loop when it comes to their latest plans.
Here is what Dan has to say:
This is a blacksmith class to teach how to make and repair simple farm tools. Perfect for the hobby farmer or land owner. Times are hard. Make those old tools like new again or build your own. We teach how to set up your shop; how to select and find smithing tools as well as how to make them; how to hammer and plenty of hands on experience.

These are just some of the other classes we offer:
Basic blacksmithing techniques and the production and repair of simple farm tools
Basic Blacksmithing
Intermediate Blacksmithing and traditional joinery; scrolls and ornament; forge building
Coal fired forging and forge welding
An Introduction to bladesmithing
Advanced spear and ax head making.
Advanced bladesmithing with a nod to pattern welding
This is ongoing throughout the summer

The Tool Class is $75 and you must be over 18 to attend.Please email Dan and Heidi through their website. whitehartforge.com for more information.

Even if you are not interested in taking this class check out their website for photos of the amazing talent Dan and Heidi have.Here in the Portland area you can see pieces of their work all over you may see some photos of places you know.


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