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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cooling down,finally

The weather here has been so darn hot that our world came to a grinding halt but it's looking like the weather is turning and we can get back to our daily lives once more.
Our garden has survived the heat but looks a little war torn.We've been living off the cucumbers which are a nice snack in the heat.The Zucchini are bumping,I think it's now cool enough in the mornings to bake up some Zucchini Bread.
Chance pulled and laid out to dry 30 Big Daddy Onions with more to pull soon.Once they are dried the onions will go into storage for the fall.Now we need to plan out what to put in the bed where the onions had been.
We did lose the seedlings that had sprouted,they just became fried,curled up and turned brown.I had planted a late crop of Swiss Chard but there's still time to try again in a few weeks.
Now that the weather is cooling down it's time to think about canning.Pickling Cucumbers are ready and I am hoping to put some Pickles up with in the next week or so.Chance and I had picked Black Berries just before the heat hit.We manged to pick enough for about 3 pints of Jam,not enough for a whole years worth but a good start.I would imagine the heat has sweetened up the next round of berries so more will be picked too.
A couple of days ago Sol and I made Coconut-Milk Cream Pie and boy was it fabulous.Sol had asked me awhile ago to make one and I realized I did not have a recipe that I really liked after some searching I found one on a blog I follow called Mennonite Girls Can Cook . One of the things I liked about this recipe is it calls for Coconut Milk as part of the milk in the filling,this added to the flavor of the pie.Most of the recipes I found started out with vanilla instant pudding,where's the coconut in that? And instant pudding ?Fine for some but not my style.The other up side to their pie was the author gave both stove top and microwave cooking directions.I usually do all of my cooking/baking on the stove top but with the heat so high the microwave directions had huge appeal to me.
Today would have been our second Chicken Butchering class but no one signed up.Oh well it's not everyone's cup of tea and there's always another time to try again.Our Poulets will be butchered soon,they have gotten nice and fat.
Today I feel as if I am getting back on track, will have more to report and share in the coming days.

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  1. I live out in clark county and found your blog recently. I am also grateful the heat is gone. When 90 seems cool something is wrong. That web site looks good for recipes I will have to check it out a little more.