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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I think I am in love with my freezer.

Our freezer is proving to be a good thing.I can walk right out and open the door and there it is full of the bounty I have stocked away.Veggies, fruits, meats and other dinner fixings already paid for, full of potential and easy.
I know I blogged about not liking the plastics it takes to use the freezer but I am kind of over it.I am still looking for other ways to store the food in the freezer.I am going to invest in some freezer containers because I look at it this way.
Chance and I received a Pyrex baking dish with a snap on plastic lid as a wedding gift,that was 17 years ago.Still use the pan and I still have its lid.That's putting plastics to good use and will continue to be put to use for longer.So if I can do the same with some freezer containers I think I can justify their use.I still don't like plastic and never will but what can a girl do sometimes?
As I was folding laundry this morning (folding clothes puts me in a zone and my brain starts churning and oops thinking) I decided to freeze the peaches I want to get.My friend Julie dose this,her thoughts are it makes the peaches more versatile for eating and you don't need to add sugar like when canning.It's also easy,peel,slice and dump them in a bag and you are done.I have already taken this approach with some yellow plumbs the neighbor gave us so the peaches will follow suit.
Fall is coming,you can feel it in the morning air.It has been cool when we get up and as of yesterday hot by afternoon.We have had a cool and damp spell here which made us wonder if summer was gone for the year.
The cooler weather made the laundry drying slow on the clothes line.I still love hanging out the wash.There is something pleasant about looking out the back window and seeing the wash there on the line swaying in the breeze.Now that it looks like the cooler weather is coming sooner than I may like,I am thinking about winter clothes drying. We don't have a laundry room or even a back porch here.Our laundry is in the kitchen, a handy spot in a small house but air drying in the winter makes for close quarters. I have a folding clothes rack I do use.It's not handy though,it dose not hold a full load,I have to move it from the kitchen, to the hall, to the dinning area as I go about my days.What about a line on a pulley in my studio/pantry?It could work.We could put the line up on the ceiling and have a pulley to bring it down with in reach.I'll have to think this through.Winter will come and I will once again have time to work in the studio more.Wet wash hanging over my work space my not be so good.
Chance is working away at finishing the chicken coop.Last night was the first night the girls spent in the coop fenced in.They would not go inside the coop to roost.I ended up climbing in the coop, grabbing a couple of the older sensible hens and sticking them on the roosts.My hopes were the others would see them there all comfy and follow.Nope, the young hens stayed out side roosting on the ramp.The older girls stayed put so maybe the idea will spread and all will be well.
This week is "Eat the pantry empty"week,it is time to rotate some things and stretch our budget a bit.Today I will make Chicken Soup using the left over bird from dinner last night.We had one of our own birds for dinner.That was tasty and tomorrows post will be about cooking and using a chicken till there is nothing left but the bones.(Holy Holy Chicken Bones! inside joke from long ago.)


  1. Try drying some foods as well. I don't have a lot of freezer space, and live in hurricane country, so I keep looking for alternatives. Lots of stuff getting dried this year! Fruit doesn't need sugar added to dry, just perhaps a dip in lemon-water to keep from browning.

  2. Hurricane country ack! As the storm season is most likely upon you I'll keep you in my thoughts.I am going to dry some tomatoes in the oven this week.It's just finding the time(up to 10 hours) to be home and able to keep my eye on them.And when the grapes are ready we want to make raisins.
    I think it is awesome that you are doing all you do while living in an apartment.Maybe you could be the voice for it and get more folks inspired to try.