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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A hard days work

We put in a hard days worth of work today.We built the new coop and got it finished enough that maybe the hens will sleep in it tonight.We still have the fenced in run area to build.I think once we can fence the girls in they will get the idea that they have a new home.We are still planning on building a second smaller coop for meat birds but the layers new abode comes first.
For the style of the coop we were inspired by early Norwegian buildings.Like this one and this one.
These buildings leave us room to add quiet a bit of artistic flare to our coop.Chance has plans that I am keeping hush about for now.everyone will just have to wait and see the big reveal when he's done.
The first 3 photos below show the wood we used to build the coop.The first is the pile from taking the old coop a part.The next two show the wood we were able to salvage by checking the free bin at a local wood working shop.Local business often have bins that they let people look through for freebies.We are always sure to ask first unless we know that it's ok or there is a sign giving permission.The pile of wood in the back of the car was many dollars worth of nice hard wood pieces.We also lucked out at another stop and found some larger pieces.The wood laying on the lawn is all hard woods too.

The rest of the photos are of Chance building in order of construction.He built a base using a larger sized pallet,plywood and some 4x4's for the legs.Then up came the frame work followed by the roof and sides.Chance made double doors for reaching in to clean and get the eggs.I laid a think layer of shavings on the coop floor to make it cozy for the birds.The photo showing the rod going across shows the roosts.We placed them up almost into where rafters would be.If you look at the photo above it the roost rod would be right above the doors.

A peek at Chance through the grape arbor/gate.

The ramp to get into the coop is already in place.Chance used a pair of his Blacksmithed handles for the coop doors.For now we are using a slice of wood to keep the doors secure.Later Chance will make something nicer.

Tomorrow we build the run and clean up.But tonight it is time to put our feet up,watch a movie and try not to fall asleep on the sofa.
Rois and Chance


  1. One of these days I will work out the words and pictures lining up right.Sorry folks I am just not all that tech savvy.

  2. Wow that is an awesome coop! My ladies would be super jealous so I won't show it to them. :)