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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Laughing while you work

When the boys are away (scout trip) these two mice don't play we work.Sometimes it is nice to get a big load of work done while it is just the two of us home.We can get into our rhythm and just go til dark.No stopping to run one boy here or there,no dinner to cook and no one calling on the phone to be picked up from the other side of town.
Once the boys were off we set to taking apart the chicken coop.I do mean take a part since we are re-using most of the wood and screws from the coop. We made on Holy Mess and for once I was glad the back garden did not work,the coop is along the garden edge and the garden would have made this project impossible.
I am not a big fan of squashing bugs just because they are there but when there are spiders the size of my thumb nail about to crawl closer that's something else. (Mr Pat,no comments if you happen to be reading today.)The spiders were inside the coop and I wondered why the girls had not snacked upon them?
Once we had the covered run taken down I started in on shoveling out the composted hay and poo.I did not even bother to take it to the compost bin but instead I threw it right on to the back garden.I was slinging shit LOL!At the back of the run area Chance came across an egg that had been there for who knows how long.We tried to be careful of it with no luck.I had my back turned to Chance as we worked and I heard a loud POP,like a car back firing, Chance had popped the egg.All we could do was laugh,who knew an old egg would pop so loud and then it was nervous laughter waiting for the stink.Chance had quickly covered the popped egg with straw, maybe that kept the stink away or maybe the egg was so far gone there was no stink left.Either way we felt lucky to miss out on that experience.
Chance did most of the deconstruction while I worked on the shoveling.We seem to do this often, working along side of each other on two things, but always willing to stop and help the other with their work.Actually here theres not really your work and mine,it is just work to be done by whomever has the time or that skill.
Once again I had my back to Chance and I heard him shout "OH SHIT!!RUN!!!" I ran.Growing up my Dad taught me to run when someone you trust says run, you can ask why later when its safe.I don't remeber dropping my shovel all I remember is sprinting up and over a hay bale and finding myself on the back porch.I hollard back to Chance "Why?" Under the tar paper on the coop roof he found a wasps nest that was 6 inches wide and 2 feet long.The wasps were not happy and I have one more bee sting until the doctor hands me an Epi Pen.We had some left over wasp spray and Chance put an end to our unwanted neighbors.In the end we were laughing all over, personally I had tears rolling down my cheeks.
I think we were drunk on life at this point.Enjoying what we were doing and each others company.Laughing together like two crazy old coots.
Today we will hopefully finish building the new coop.I am sure the hens will be happier with a roof over their heads once more.Last night the Chickens spent a good hour looking for the highest spots in the yard to roost.We watched as the Wynadotts and Big Red pushed and bumped until they each had the right spot.At one point one of the Wynadotts wanted Reds spot so badly she stood on top of him until he gave in.See,I told you he's a big dork.More laughing and more convections that Chickens are not always the smartest beasts but endearing none the less.
I had better close now there's only 5 more hours until the boys return and much work to be finished.I'll be sure to take some photos as we work today and post again soon.
Rois and Chance

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