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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear Bruce Lee

Dear Bruce Lee,
I know you are long dead and gone with a candle wax covered shrine dedicated to you in some far off city whos name I can not place. I will write to you any way,it will be my only hope of sharing my tale with you.You see growing up you were my hero,if I could have just grown up to be you....
Today my young hen would have made you proud of her Kung Fu style. It was a classic moment right out of a movie filmed on the outskirts of Hong Kong. That little hen was mad as all Hell I was late bringing her breakfast,and with classic style she let me know it.
That little bird spread her wings out like a ancient madien with flowing sleeves, shook her chook head and let her fury fly.Right up my back she ran just like those flying Kung Fu masters and grabbed me by the neck. I could feel her crazy claws dig in and just like her I was AS MAD AS HELL!
Now came the moment in a movie were time stands still,the star takes a moment to reflect their next move.Like a movie reel this thought passed through my minds eye.
I could return her Kung Fu fury right back,quickly grab her by the neck give her a flipped twist and she would be done.I could stand there with her at my feet,dust off my hands,swipe at my nose and put my hands on my hips.All with smugness written all over my face. Just like you.
Maybe just maybe I'd feel like my childhood hero for just a few beats victorious and smug.I'd hear cheesey 60's muzack playing as I walked away from that crazy bird.
That's not how it ended,I think the film broke on the reel and someone yelled "CUT!"All I did was swat that chicken off my neck.She glared at me and I glared at her, like some other corny film... tick... tick... tick.My scowl was better,I was bigger than she thought and really one should not pick fights with the hand that stands between you and the soup pot.She hung her head and went to eat her breakfast and that was that.
In the morning sun I brushed off my hands,swiped my nose,hrumphed and walked away just like you,my childhood hero Bruce Lee.
Your fan for ever and ever,

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