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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not about Homesteading but kind of

I spent some time this morning cursing around online looking at stuff and randomness.It's what happens when I get up with Chance and it's too early to be doing much of any thing.
One of the things I found was this vinyl wall art that I am in love with but don't think Chance would be overly fond of.I'd like to see this little hen along the hallway wall that is in part of the kitchen.I am just window shopping tho'.
I like to look at the Sneak Peak section on Design*Sponge, it feeds my artistic side and I can snoop without any worries.One Sneak Peak that made me feel better about the amount of books we house is this one. We have that many books and have to weed through them a couple of times a year to save the floor from caving in.
My mission this morning was to peg down a blue for our living room,we will be repainting it this fall once all of the outside is put to bed for the winter.I think I found it here. I am super picky about color,I get one set in my minds eye and no other will do.Kind of tricky when there is no such color on the market or I can't find a sample of the color to take to the paint store. I have bookmarked the page to return to later.
So this posting has not much to do with Homesteading just me rambling about creative stuff.I want to prepare all of you dear readers for the days ahead when there will be other things going on that don't fall under the category of Homesteading.But making a nest is about home and what happens there too.But now that I think of it,it's still Homesteading isn't it? Hrafinstaad is not just a garden and chickens it is a home.At the begining of the word Homesteading there is the word Home maybe it dose work out in the end.
I love home and being there.Home is where I can let all of my love and talents freely show. Come late fall there will be more postings about Home and Creative happenings.The musings of a Raven heart-ed lady writing about the things that makes her soul alive.

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