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Friday, September 18, 2009


I have very happy news, I am now employed.Whew! Things are really going to change around here.I'll be working full time as a Tailors Admin a fancy title for a job I know I am going to love. I will be doing office/paper work, customer service , general keeping things organized around the shop.The most exciting part is I will also assist the tailors with their sewing work.If things work out and every body is happy in the future I will be sent to Tailoring school to become a certified tailor.I can sew, just no where close to the skill level of the tailors.I have always wished I could really sew and make my own clothes that do not look so homemade.
My favorite part (so far.) of my job is totally an artsy geek thing.On the wall of the shop there is a rack that runs the length of the wall and on the rack hangs spools of thread all arranged by color and looks like a rainbow. My creative side is in love with that wall.
I am sure there will be days when I miss being home but working outside of the home is needed so away I go.With the money I'll be bringing in we will be able to further ourselves in so many ways.Many of our homesteading dreams will come about and we can loosen our belts a bit for some fun things too.
We started some of our homesteading to make our budget go farther but they have now become so much a part of who we have become that will would not give them up.Yes, we can now go back to being able to buy what we need but what for? The root of homesteading for us is being able and taking care of not only ourselves but the Earth.
Last night Chance started some Lox made from more fish from his co-worker.I was busy with the boys and their homework when he started it so I won't have photos of the whole process but I will be sure to catch up with Chance and get a blog written.
My Sunflowers have bloomed finally, I had planted them late and wondered if they would bloom.The last couple of mornings have been foggy here,the sunflowers have been our first peeks of sun to start our days with.The sunflowers stand right at the end of our front walk and are a beautiful beacon of welcome to visitors to Hrafinstaad.
Well I am off to start my first day on the job.I am sure over the next few weeks I will be learning a new juggling act,Home, Work and all of the other things that make up our lives.I have done it before so it should not take to long.


  1. Congrats on the new job! Change most definitely can be a positive thing :) I also love the family photo! Good luck and I will continue reading your blog from over here in st. johns. I really enjoy reading how homesteading is a family philosophy for you guys and while I don't enjoy reading about your struggles it is reassuring to know that others are having some difficulty with it and seeing how you all solve each dilemma.

  2. Thanks everyone!My first day went great and I am excited about my job.I can now make a winter shopping list for fruit trees and Cobb oven supplies.

  3. I am so happy for you! Looking forward to hearing more about the job as you begin to blossom into your responsibilities.