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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am still here folks,just learning to juggle home and work.I have had a few moments of Motherly Guilt about not being the one home doing the household stuff.But then I remembered that Chance and I have always shared the work load,each of us doing what needed to be done by whomever had the time to do the work.
The boys have been very helpful too,pitching in doing extra chores with out hassles and staying on top of their school work.
The one thing about where I work that is taking some getting used to is a spoonful of culture shock.I work in a place of high end fashion,filled with clothes that could cost me a weeks worth of groceries for one pair of jeans.Luckily I don't have to shop there,I can fake it by shopping else where.So the cultural shock for me is I have gone from wearing thrift store jeans and custom designed by Sol muck boots, a classic look for any homesteader, to fashionable office attire.Weird really weird.
My culture shock has made me even more determined to hold on tightly to my values that lead us to the homesteading life. It has made what we do here at home even more important and purposeful.
Oops,Looks like I must go and get the young one up for school. I'll be back later once I have kicked off my heels,shed my girlie clothes and pulled on my worn jeans and muck boots from the exclusive designer Sol.
Wishing all of you a good day.

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