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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am done with the politics of Food,Diet and Growing

After reading an angry Vegan's rant on another website I have come to the point where I think I am done listening to ranting.Ranting about who's better,Vegan,Omnivore,Organic,Local,Foodie,Cook.
Last night I found this quote that sums up my feelings.

" Do what you can,
Where you are,
With what you have."
Teddy Roosevelt.

We awoke to pouring rain this morning,looks like it will be a day of indoor chores.Any harvesting can wait until tomorrow. I could not believe my ears when the weather man said mountain snow today.???? It's only early September! Maybe Issac will get his wish , a cold winter with good snow on the mountain for snowboarding.

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  1. Exactly. If folks want to be vegan fine, but where is their self righteous anger and fanatical stance any different from, oh say a rabid trophy hunting, factory farming,meat eater type who is just as fanatical, and un-yeilding?

    Tell Issac I'am with him on the snow, Im looking forward to some snowshoeing!