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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toads wild ride that ened with Caviar.

Well it's been a crazy week of ups and downs here.Life just caught up with us with one thing after another at a time when we were already feeling a bit stretched. In true Hrafinstaad style we pulled our boots up and got to work on digging out of the hole.
I have been busy here with homesteading tasks.I picked our apples,there was about two dozen apples to be had.I made a jar of Apple and Pear sauce out of a handful of fruit that needed to eaten right away.It's made for a nice snack for the boys.Also last night I made an Apple and Pear Pie,I wanted to eat the whole pie myself but was good and shared it.
The pears I picked to make Pear Honey are ready to process. After looking at the amount of fruit I may end up just freezing the pears after all.I need to look over the Pear Honey recipe again for how much fruit is needed.I may be short of ripe fruit.I can always freeze what I have until I have more that are ready.
I am now undecided about canning Peaches.We would love to have them but right now money is super tight so their price may be an issue.I found them for $1.00 per pound which is about 3-4 peaches per pound.I'd need a couple of boxes worth to have enough to last us the winter.This would most likely run me $50.00 that I am not sure we will have before the peaches are gone.
Figuring out the cost of canning can be a puzzle.Some things are easy to come across for free or through a trade so those cost very little to can.But when you have to buy I have to consider this, can I spend extra now so we can save later. It can seem like a balancing act.
Chance has worked out the most amazing trade ever.His co-worker's partner has been Salmon fishing and they want Chance to smoke some( I think there's 6 pounds total of fish) of the catch for them.And the crazy part is they also have 4 pounds of Salmon Roe as in Caviar. Chance is excited about making the Roe into Caviar which will be something new to him but he feels confident it will turn out. The trade works out so we get to keep half of the fish and half of the roe/caviar. We love smoked fish of any kind and my mouth is drooling at the thought of it.I don't know how we will use the caviar yet so that will be something new too. The fish and roe comes home today we are definitely shooting photos and writing about it.
I am working on a Pantry blog entry.I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were eating the pantry empty so we could rotate some things.Well we are just now getting to the bottom of things I guess we were better stocked than I had hoped. Soon it will be time to restock the pantry and I am wanting to write about that.According to the "Brides Cookbook (circa 1947) " I have had ALL of the wrong things in my pantry but I am going to share my list with you anyway.
It's good to be back on track and here writing to all of you.It sets my mind to working and really dose help me track things.
Somewhere in here we have been getting the boys ready for school to start.Young Sol is returning to public school this year,he's more than ready and excited to meet new friends and joys of all joys he is taking band and has signed up for Drums.( ACK! ) Issac is looking forward to his school year too.All of us are hoping his Crohn's stays in remission so he can be at school the whole year. The last two school years he has been out alot with his running total of 31 days in the hospital and 5 surgeries. Needless to say we are praying for health.

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