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Monday, September 7, 2009

How dose one write a blog entry when there's nothing new,informative,interesting or even funny to report? I suppose I could write about getting behind with the laundry or how I washed the dishes yet again.
It has been wet here the last few days and cooler so we have not spent much time out of doors.And truly I think the garden is slowing down.I am no longer wondering what to do with the Zucchini's.That's good since I have plenty in the freezer now.
Chance and I do have a debate going on,our Wynadotts are turning out to be MEAN little punks and we are considering butchering them.The debate,if we butcher them now while they are still young enough we won't have their eggs.We would end up with almost no eggs until next summer.I'd like to start over with Araucana's ,the breed I wanted to begin with.But no eggs till summer would not be good.My Mom brought up the point that winter is coming and we will have no eggs then any way.Even with that in mind there's the months in between winter and summer.
Chance did smoke the Salmon and it turned out just fine. I had wanted this posting to be about the smoking of the fish but I can not find the photos maybe Chance will be able to find them and I can post later.
Plain Jane Days, just rolling along.

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