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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sport Dahlia's

I was working in the garden today and came across some great examples of how a Dahlia can become what is called a Sport.A Sport Dahlia is a mutation of genes in the tuber's.Sometimes it lasts only for one season or it can last several years and then return to its original bloom colors.
My Sport Dahlia's came from a variegated flower of purple and white.From what I could find online I guess the purple and whites are a rare sport. The blooms on the sport are all different from each other.As you can see from the photos I have a wide range in the variegation.
I am not sure if the Sports are ever seen in Dahlia shows because they are no longer a pure line but I really like the ones I have and hope it never returns to it's more plainer origin.

This bloom only has a couple of white petals. I like the center petals,they are green until they open all the way.

This pale beauty's photo gives no justice.And in true Sport fashion it is very random and did come from the same stem as the one above.

This one is awesome when seen in real life.As you can see there is only one white petal on the top edge.What you might not be able to see is the petals in the back/underside are a brighter purple while the ones in the center are a deeper reddish purple. You can also see the undersides of the not totally open petals are also green in this flower.There also seems to be a green hue to some of the center petals.

And TA DA! Would you look at that. Very fun and a deep purple again.

Sports are fun you never know what will appear.And truly they all came from the same plant.When I dig them in a few weeks I will be sure to mark these.I don't always keep track and just randomly plant the tubers.I like the surprise of the color combo's I get in a flower bed. But I want to know which will be the Sports so I can track how many years they stay with me.

This evening we had Breakfast for dinner,something we have from time to time and enjoy immensely. I made Blueberry Pancakes and Scrambled eggs,berries I picked and eggs from the girls.I discovered a yummy combo,Blueberry Pancakes with Vanilla Yogurt on them.It kind of reminded me of blintzes or crepes that come with fruit and sour cream.
Today I also picked more Zucchini; I think that made our total one million tons picked.I am sure you can tell from my tone I am over Zucchini.I will have to find some sucker, oops I mean willing soul to give the rest to.And we only, thank goodness planted, one hill.

Cheers Rois

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