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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chicken Butchering Questions?

Hello? Is anyone still out there? I am still here .....Well,it seems like for now all of our awesome projects are done or it's not time to work on much of anything.After looking back on the past few months worth of projects things seem mighty dull right now. It's not a bad thing,winter is coming after all and the outdoor work should be mostly done by now any way.Our Cobb/Earth Oven is on hold until next year.The money is just not there yet to build it right.
While things are quiet I wanted to bring this up,many people come to my blog searching for information about butchering chickens and killing cones.I know the posting on the killing cones was a good one and the only one we have seen like it.The chicken butchering posts have minimal details.I had a hard time finding the line between being informative and not grossing out my readers.And really the web has lots of videos showing the butchering of chickens.
Here is my proposal to those looking for more information on either of these topics.Please leave us your questions in the newest blog entries comments and we will get back to you with our best answer. If you live locally and are wanting some help let us know that too.We will come to you for a small fee and walk you through the art of chicken butchering.
We have been harvesting veggies and fruits from the garden and trees.We have been spying on a Fig Tree in an empty lot near us and they are almost ready.Hopefully no one else is watching them and we will get to bring them home to dry for the winter.
I never got around to making Pickles,it just never happened,not to sure as to why.But I am hoping this week there will still be some pickling cucs at the farms so I can get some done.Better late than never I suppose.I also want to bring home Apples if they are ready.I want to can Apple Butter and Apple Sauce.
I am still standing at a cross roads waiting around for a few more days until I know about the job I interviewed for.The boys are loving school,Chance is planning his next round of bacon and we are enjoying a lovely Indian Summer here.
Sometimes I wonder if I am writing to an empty room,the comments are so few from all of you that I do wonder.And then I wonder about comments left on other blogs the ones that read "I have been reading your blog for X amount of months and finally got up the courage to leave you a comment" Why dose one need courage? The motivations behind my blog are to teach people and share what we know/do and to try and create the feeling of community here.I am not famous or scary.In my mind everyone has something to say and no question is EVER dumb.Dear Reader let me be the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz for a moment and present to you a heart of courage to encourage you to say hello.
I know from my Lijit gadget there are people out there who seem to check my blog often.Some of the places are so far away or have names that stand out that you can't help but notice when they pop up day after day. So who are you? Why do you read my blog?Are you looking for something? And who is the reader just down the road in Troutdale? Because I need some in put folks.What can I tell you about what we do?Things are about to get routine here,lots going on but I am not to sure what anyone might be interested in.Throw me a bone would ya?
Anyone interested in the specialty of the house? Cous Cous Orangutan- It's a crowd,kid,meat eater,vegetarian,budget and maybe Mr Obama too pleaser.


  1. It's me again, Conny, the sometimes commenter. :>) I check into your blog usually Mon-Fri to see what's happening at Hrafinstaad. I don't currently have chickens, but I'm learning a lot from your blog - we'll be ready by next spring, I hope. It's also interesting that you write about what's in the smoker, from time to time. And, where else would I find out how to harvest caviar? I think you have an interesting blog, worth following. Thanks for sharing your days.

  2. Ok, I'll bite and not be afraid. I'm not sure how I found your blog, likely from a comment you made on another blog, or a link to you from another I stumbled upon. Anyway I found you interesting and check back often for info on chickens, bacon and other self sustaining tips. I'm from a ranch in Wyoming, have horses, cow-calf pairs and chickens. A garden and I'm learning to can and dehydrate. I think you can find my blog through this comment. Thank you for sharing with lurkers like me.