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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Todays snapshots

  TA DA! Here is my favorite chick.I have named her Loowit which is one of the traditional Native American names for Mt St Helen's in Washington state.We can see Mt St Helen's when we are downtown and the chick's markings reminded me of the mountain in the early winter when the snow has fallen on the mountain.By Loowit's markings I am guessing that our Barred Rock was her egg Mama.(the hen that laid the egg that hatched into Loowit.) either that or she is taking after her Daddy who is mostly white.

The poppies I planted this spring have opened.And although they all came from the same seed packet I seem to have a mix if different types and colors.I don't know  a whole lot about Poppies other than I love them when I see them.The packet said these poppies are Flemish Poppies.

The poppy above and below are both on the same plant which I find interesting.If anyone knows more about poppies than I, do you know what the deal is?

This little poppy is on a different much smaller plant who's buds are also smaller than the other plant.
 Today when I went out to shot the poppy photos I was thinking of Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz falling asleep in the field of poppies.Growing up I had the whole many book collection of the Oz books with the original drawings in them,I liked the pictures of Dorthy because she was chubby like I was as a young one.

  I am still looking for names for the other two chicks.The other two are harder to catch to hold for a photo but both are marked like the Gold Lace Wyandottes,black and golden.One is more black than the other and is I think going to make a beautiful contrast to Loowit with her white and gray plumage.
  Well I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far and tomorrow morning greets you with a smile.



  1. Hey there! I have those same "Flemish Poppies" and they are amazing.Poppy Box poppies I think is what they were called on the packet.. The mauvey purple is the default color for popaver somniferum, so if you don't want all of next years poppies to revert back to that color, snip the mauvy purple ones off before they can cross pollinate the cool ones.
    I have some ruffley deep red ones I can share seeds of if ya like.
    Oh, and the seeds are the kind you use in baking..but you know that..