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Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Days

 I am finding myself feeling turned upside down and at loose ends.Chance and I have entered a new era in our lives as parents, our boys are never home. Or we are taking them to work or off to play.We find ourselves catching up with the boys in the car or just before bed.
 The house seems empty with Issac gone from morning til night,he's going to summer school and working for the month.It's bitter sweet to see him dressed for work with his lunch bag in hand heading out the door on his road to adulthood.We are proud of him but we miss him as well.
  And young Sol is growing up too.He is finally at an age where he can go off with his friends without needing us to escort them.
 It's the way things are suppose to work out and I suppose it is preparing us for the day when they both leave home but I miss them.

    Last Sunday Chance and I joined my cousin for a challenging hike.Both C and I had hiked this rugged trail as kids when we were spry enough to hop and skip along the way.We went to Table Rock which is about an hour and a half south-east of us.Table Rock is one of those places in Oregon you hear people talking about but when you ask "Have you been  there?" everyone answers "No,have you?" It's not all that far from home so I am not to sure why no one goes.Maybe it's the hike its self,our hiking book said it's a "moderate" hike but once you have been there you may find yourself upgrading it to something a bit more than moderate.

   We hiked through some old growth forest,across a rocky section along the base of Table Rock and then slowly went up,up and up for a total of a 4000 foot elevation gain and just over 7 miles round trip.When we were about a 1000 feet from the top I could spy through the tree line the clear blue sky ,at this point my knee was feeling like half set jello but I was stubborn and wanted to see the top.And besides that I was not going to let a couple of "boys" beat me.We picnicked at the top with a view of 7 mountain tops and far away in the hazy distance you could see home,the Willamette Valley.None of the photos really do any justice to the splendor before our eyes. The boys did not join us on this trip, another sign of our times,Issac was working but would have loved the hike and Sol said it was not his cup of tea so he stayed in town with Nana.


  Life around home is quiet on all fronts.The meager garden we have this year is looking like it will take off after all,not the bounty we had last year but there's enough. The Mama hen still has all 3 of her chicks,whom we need to name (any suggestions?).The other hen's and our Roo are fine like always,it would take something major to disturb their quiet world. This afternoon I making homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches.Sol was curious about how they are made and since he has a friend over for the night I thought today would be a good day to make them
Take Care


  1. I love that hike. Used to do it a lot when I first moved to Portland. Thanks for reminding me that I haven't been there in awhile.

    Would love to see your ice cream sandwich recipe posted if you were pleased with how they came out!

  2. Welllll, I never got around to making the ice cream sandwiches, I wrote about it,thought about it and then some how I forgot to Do it.That's me.
    But my plan was to use some vanilla ice cream we had (before my 16 year old found it and ate all of it,like a 1/2 gallon all of it.) and then smash the ice cream between home baked chocolate chip bar cookies.I would have used what ever recipe for the cookies that is on the chip bag.Really fancy I know but hey I figured they would be gone in a snap so why use a fancy recipe for any of it. Some time I would like to get out the ice cream maker and make some sort of crazy pushing towards a sundae kind of ice cream sandwich.

  3. yum, making me hungry. i think you are on to something - why spend all the time/energy making something fancy when the boys in your family show up and demolish it in 30 seconds? :-)