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Monday, July 26, 2010

An evening out

In a house,someplace down the way a phone is ringing and ringing and ringing some more.Click, whir you hear the answering machine pick up the voice says-

 Hello, You have reached The Broody House, so sorry we missed your call.You see this evening is the first evening out for us in a long while if not ever.We have popped down the way to dine out,maybe you have heard of the place? You know The Meadow at Hrafinstaad? Please leave your message after the beep and we will return your call.Beep and then nothing but a dial tone.
Mama Trixie and chicks dine out for the first time.

  Mama and the chicks were let out of the Broody house for the first time this evening.it was sweet to see Mama plucking bites of this and that,showing the chicks and then the chicks grabbing it right from Mama's mouth.Pretty soon the chicks had caught on to what Mama had been teaching them and were hunting for their own dinners.

  Having our own home grown brood of chicks is still the best thing ever.


  1. Our chicks from this year are large and at the scruffy teenager stage now. I am just about ready to let them free range with the others and take their chances with the odd soaring buzzard and one of the cockerels is even starting to crow!

  2. Too cute. I wish them lots of good little bugs and such.

  3. elizabethm, We waited until I thought the chicks might be too big to slip under some hole in the fence.So far they are staying close to Mama and are all still around.
    Mama was not to happy this morning when our old dog who could care less about the chickens came walking by the chicks.She fluffed up and ran at the dog.The dog just looked at her with this look that said "Really? You are charging at me? The defender of the coop,chaser of raccoons and so old I would rather lie in the sun than chase you and your chicks."

  4. ahhh we have a hen who we hope is broody!! If she is I can't wait to sneak some fertilized eggs in there!

  5. Lacy,Do you need fertile eggs? Come get some of mine if you need some.