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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Wave & Chicken care

 Finally we have some heat here and just like the rest of the country we are all searching for ways to keep cool. I want to remind everyone to keep a close eye on their hens while it is so hot.

Heat Wave Chicken Check list:

 1. Chickens are thirsty birds always, during hot spells check their water more often.Some folks add ice to their hens water when the temps are high.

2. Consider hosing down the coop and run area to help things cool down.

3. If your Chickens have little or no shade think about creating some. 

Pretty simple when you look at it,all the things you think of for yourself when it is hot. Stay cool everyone.



  1. Given that there is no garden at all in my backyard right now :( I simply have left the gate to the hen yard open so that they have the whole backyard to find a shady spot that suits them. There is some shade in their regular pen, but this gives them access to deeper shade under some trees if they want it

  2. Alison- That's a good idea too. Someday I will be able to fence in the back garden so the hens can roam again.Luckily for our chickens they have a deeply shaded corner to live in.

  3. My whole coop is shaded and fresh water (which warms with the temps) and the NoName girls still walk around with their mouths hanging open. I feel badly for them - I think they should drink more. None of them look too stressed though. Someone suggested I set up a timed mister thingy to cool it down a bit. I suppose this would be beneficial if we had long heat spells, but we don't.