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Monday, July 12, 2010

I love my neighbors.

This morning a knock was heard at the front door.When I opened the door there stood my Colombian neighbor Gloria with what looked like 5 squash starts carefully cradled in her hand. Now let me tell you Gloria's English is much like my Spanish,limited, but some how we always get our points across to each other.She tells me in English "Colombian Pumpkin."
  I know the story behind these little plants from her daughter who's English is just fine.The seeds had come back with them from Colombia hidden away in a suitcase with the hopes they would be over looked.I have been told these squash are absolutely delicious.There are no American squashes that compare to them. So a treasure was shared and I am honored. I will be sure to save the seeds.
  Gloria and I continued our conversation with her speaking to me in Spanish and me trying to guess what she was looking for.First a trowel,then a spot to plant them,dig a hole just so and finally said in a motherly way water the plants right away. We wrapped things up by Gloria telling me basically "I have five more growing,over there in the front yard at our house." At least I think that is what was said,I caught enough words I know so I am probably on target. I thanked her in my crappy Spanish and we said good bye.

  I don't know a lot about Gloria only that she hates the cold here,she has a great sense of humor,she is interested in what we grow ,she likes that we butcher our own chickens since she does too and someday she will show us how she butchers her chickens which is different than our method. All of this I have learned from our funny little conversations half English half in Spanish and some interpreting from her family. I like her though she's a good lady.I am expecting some scolding though if some how I am not taking care of the squashes the way she would and I can't wait for it because I'll learn something new.


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  1. I can't wait to hear what you think of the pumpkins.