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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


   I miss being here writing some odd rambling tale of homesteading and life but right now my life is just not my own.
  I miss sleeping in,my body is so tuned into the 7AM alarm that even if I don't set it my eyes pop open.And even if I don't wake up by 6:45 the baby crow in the trees behind us wakes at exactly 6:55 every single morning DEMANDING its breakfast,NOW.Have you ever tried sleeping through a baby crows yelling, squawking voice? Not easy.
I miss dirt under my finger nails from digging in the garden.I miss having to check the cleanliness of my nails before I shoot a photo for here,I don't want anyone to think "Ewwww,that Rois and her nails."
I miss having time,plenty of time, to do,finish,complete and accomplish without stopping in the middle to run or just never having time to get to It.
I miss Chicken T.V. The best "show" in the world funny,charming,relaxing and yet leaves you wondering if you are becoming some sort of weirdo.
I miss coffee on the porch.Porch dwelling is a big part of our personal culture that is like a ritual.It's a SIN not having coffee on the porch and there is no way to repent.
I miss having my own life.Someone sent out a memo to the world and I think it said this:
 Memo To: The world
 About: Rois
 Message: Guess what? Rois is home full time ask her to fill her days doing what you need done.She's not busy she's home full time after all. 
P.S Be sure to need everything at once,on the same day and at opposite ends of town.

What really needs to happen is I need to say NO. After this weekend I can do that and I can have my life back.Not too sure about the sleeping in part,how does one break that kind of habit anyway or get a baby crow to use an indoor voice when it lives outdoors? After this weekend you will find me sitting on the porch with dirt under my nails, gripping my coffee cup doing my best to make up for my sins,wondering what's on Chicken T.V tonight.


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  1. Porch sittin', coffee drinkin', gardening again will feel extra nice next week. Good luck winding down this week. I also have an addiction to Chicken T.V. ~ my hubby thinks I'm a bit weird because I'd rather watch the chickens walk themselves to bed than watch "real" TV. The chickens are far less stressful. :>)