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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well hello....

So my plan worked! HA! I tempted all of you out from your comfort zones and made you speak up.CA,you don't count you are always here but the rest of you thanks for chiming in.All of your thoughts were exactly what I was needing,some idea as to why people read my blog. Now let me take a moment to reply to some of the comments.
 Lacy, I would never consider you a stalker until you were standing on my porch everyday wanting in. With that in mind please respond to my postings, leave me questions or what ever. I also feel your frustrations in the weather and the garden.Ours is so far behind I broke down and bought plants yesterday just so maybe just maybe we would get something growing and eventually feeding us.Remember,we are not alone, the whole city is moaning over it.I am trying to be grateful that I am not A.a Farmer or B. dependent on only having the food we grow,we would be starving soon.We also have weeds and an army of slugs,it's the rain.I am trying to pull the weeds as fast as I can and I bought some eco slug bait.Which sucks but I don't know what else to do at this point about the slugs.
And lastly how do I mange it all? I am not always on top of things, currently I am home full time,I have a great helpmate in Chance and sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and say What Ever,I'll get to it some day. I could write a whole posting about homestead management and will make a note to do so soon.But until then remember you are choosing to live this life because you want to slow down and take control of your life.
Oh and canning....Canning is not as scary as you may be thinking nor as time consuming.

Everyone else- I am glad you enjoy the blog and I have been helpful but really to keep me motivated say something once in awhile.I know lurking online is common and we all do it but the comments readers leave are part of the reward of writing.
   I am going to get back to the second part of why I think cooking is a survival skill everyone you should know.I am waiting for permission to share a couple of peoples stories before I post the piece.Talking about a persons personal life is touchy and I don't want any hurt feelings.

   Broody Hen Report:The broody house is built and so dang CUTE and will be even cuter when the chicks are in there peeping.Sadly our battery charger for the camera is lost but I will be picking up a new one this weekend and then I can post some photos.

    Drum roll please.......Chance got a promotion at work! I am so proud of him and he deserved the move up.Chance is one of the hardest working men I know so it is good to see him puffed up with pride and feeling good about himself. To quote a very young Sol "My Dad,he's a good guy."

See you soon,


  1. I see you have a broody hen! Ours had her chicks a few weeks ago and they are just starting to move beyond the cute and fluffy stage into the vaguely teenage stage (photo on my blog if you are interested). We have caught up with the growing season over here in Wales in a big way after a slow cold start. Sure there is still time for you too!

  2. Well, this is all good news. Here's the key to blogging: The only way to get comments is to give comments. So now you have to go back and comment on all the people who left you comments, or else find blogs you like based on the comments of blogs you like, and leave them comments. Blogging is all about reciprocity. It also takes time as you work to find your voice, but I think you've found your voice. (Sorry if you know all this.)

  3. You know I was just meditating on how grateful we are to not be completely tied to our own harvests. Can you imagine the powerful anxiety we would be feeling right now? The baby napped for a few hours yesterday and I feverishly planted a garden made of starts. We are going away for a few weeks on Monday and I hope when I return they have made some progress.

  4. CC- This year I am hoping people will really make a bigger push to buy from the local farmers.I have read on several farmers blogs that things are a bit grim.First the bad economy and now bad weather, our farmers need our continued support.
    But like you I am so grateful I am not walking in their shoes right now.