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Monday, June 7, 2010

Good things X 4

Confession time folks...I have been in the worst funk of my life the last week but today things seem to be turning around.And it is a damn good thing! All of the rain and clouds sent my spirits spiraling down into the gathering ponds of mud we have been having here.Sitting around watching my garden slowly curl up to die or being eaten up by our first slug invasion made for some sad days here on the homestead. We have had record breaking rain here and the word around town - I have not been the only one feeling the blues. But like I said things turned a corner today and my smile is returning along with my determination to pull on my muck boots and try again.
   This morning I was invited by my good friend CAS to come have coffee with her and to enjoy the joyful noise of her two preschoolers. CAS and her Man are theater folks and their kids know some great show tunes and will gladly perform for you.Today over blueberry muffins the first glimmer of my smile was spied as Mr N and Miss L gleefully belted out that great tune from "Annie"  "Tomorrow". At then end Mr N in true showman style says "Now every body.." and we all sang the chorus together.There is nothing more sweet and awesome than little people singing,I wanted to cry over the sweetness,resisted laughing(it wasn't funny one bit but it gave me so much pleasure.) and gave a big cheer at the end.A spoonful of sugar to ease my soul into feeling better,niceness.
Once home again I check in with my list of blogs and found a very nice surprise waiting for me.Margaret over at Finnegan Begin Again writes one of my all time favorite blogs,weekly she writes about a goddess of the week with such humor and smarts it's always a good read.And her followers leave some of the best comments too. One of the things about Margaret's blog that is so much fun is you can send in a goddess request and she does her best to fill it.I had sent in a request asking how to get the Norse goddess Sol/Sunna to return because our little homestead was sinking into the down pouring rain.This morning my was request was filled by the goddess Amaterasu the Japanese goddess of the sun.The trick to get her to return is laughter,check out Margaret's posting about it because I really can't tell the tale as well as she. One comment was a joke left for me to read,it's a good one,towards the top. For the second time today I found myself laughing and feeling better all the time.

  Then that sweet man of mine came home,stuck me in the truck and took me on a couple of errands with just me in mind.We went to the feed store, a place I love to go,remember I am kind of a simple person, to buy feed, 2 straw bales, new packets of seeds so I could replant what we had lost and to have a chat with Mason who works there.

   My smile was getting brighter when we left the feed store and was only going to get brighter after the next stop,the music store for new violin strings. Over the past year and a half I have been teaching myself to play violin by ear.My violin is my sanity and the most important way I vent,I had broken a string last week and hadn't had time to get some new strings but I am now back in business and can go back to playing the same song over and over until the boys are rolling their eyes at me ,the dog is whimpering and my finger tips are to sore to go one.Oh that thought brings a smile ,I love torturing my kids and the dog can get over it.

 The final good thing that is so full of hope is we have a broody hen,for sure this time.When your hen growls at you,won't get up from the nest and is all puffed up you know she is broody. We are leaving her with 7 eggs under her and Chance is working on building her a broody house which will be done tomorrow. We learned today that a broody hen will keep on laying so it is a good thing we marked the 7 eggs we want her to set on.We are pulling the new eggs out from under her,so far she's been mellow about it.The hatch date should be around the 24th of this month.I'll keep every one posted.

 Now that my funk is clearing I will be back here. I have a couple of postings I am working on and now that the clouds have left my head they may just make sense.Really folks, I thought my brain was turning into a mushroom of some large size,spongy,musty and strange.



  1. Glad the flood has cleared and the world is looking good again.

    I've been at my worst this past week or three and have just started feeling a bit better in the past couple hours. The kids and I walked the dog to the grocery store and bought ice cream, then came home and played with the neighbor kids and had banana splits. I was so proud of them keeping Lily on a loose leash and waiting outside the store for me.

    Our yard is such a mess, and the rain has reminded me of more of the things I haven't done but really should have (gutters, rain barrels, etc). Hopefully the sun will come out for a few days and put us all in better, more productive spirits again.

  2. Came here from Margaret's blog. Sounds like things turned around in a hurry. (Teaching yourself the violin? Incredible.)

  3. So glad we had a couple of hours of chat, interruptions and all. We finally got outside, L and I took her baby out for a walk. Then after naps we were outside w/sidewalk chalk and planning...wait for it... Dinosaur Train. It was a fight to get them to come in for dinner. Patrick grilled burgers and everyone ate without out complaint. Ahhh...sunshine and good friends. Sure makes a difference doesn't it?

  4. So glad I could contribute in a positive way to your day. Excited to hear more about the hen! Oh, and Joanne -- of the great joke -- has a great blog too, and so does Altadena Hiker (who is hilarious). You might enjoy checking out their blogs.

  5. Looking forward to more broody hen stories.

    By the end of your post, I could hear in my head: "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone ... I can see all obstacles in my way. ..." I love that song. Here's to bright, bright, sun-shiney days.