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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Like a broken record.

I am beginning to fell like the weather here is like a broken record,stuck in a scratch in the vinyl,stuck in a rut of rainy cool days unable to skip ahead to sunnier days.Waiting for DJ Mother Nature to notice and to change the tune. "Singing in the Rain" is a great little tune when you are 5 and splashing in the puddles but I am no longer 5 and would rather listen to "Here Comes the Sun" then things would be alright.

 I do have a bit of sunshine to share, I was gifted a beautiful gift of 3 large printing blocks.My friend had these sitting on her porch and she thought of me when she decided they needed a new home.

 I started a couple of rubbings of the block on the left side of the photo using charcoal.I am not finished with them yet and they are just me monkeying around so I may not post them.I do have plans to do some ink prints with them at some point.For now I have them on display on a side table in our front room.
  I am starting to worry about our garden,it looks so stunted and unhappy.I shouldn't be surprised I wouldn't be happy standing in the damp all day either.The only things that seem happy are the weeds popping up all over.The chickens are mad wet hens,they are not wet but they are mad.This would have been a good year to have ducks instead of chickens.The ducks could be swimming in the "pond" that keeps coming and going depending on the rain fall.(We have a low spot in our backyard and if it rains hard and fast it fills up with water.We call this spot "Lake Dahms") We could fatten the ducks with the slugs that are trying to invade us.
  We had a Spring like this one the year I was 13 and working in the strawberry fields.It rained on us everyday until we were damp and under our clothes always felt humid.Going home was never a choice for us,it was up to the farmer,the farmer wanted his berries picked before the rain ruined them so we worked on in the rain.We did not make much money that strawberry season.
   I am wondering about the local strawberries and if there will be any.Our own strawberries here are quickly eaten by slugs before they can fully ripen.We may have to have a different kind of berry jam this year.
   I am still sewing to fill my time and soon I'll have my projects done to show all of you.With an inch of rain due today I am sure I will make much progress once my daily work is done.
   An inch of rain.......that seems like Water Torture to my brain today.Drip.... drip.... drip.................


  1. I was just commenting this morning how our poor little garden is looking so forlorn and water logged. We are going to move the plants in pots under the eaves where it stays dry this evening. The onions and garlic seem to be thriving, but tomatoes and peppers look like they want to curl up and die.

    With all the rain I have no idea how to combat the slugs as everything would just get washed away. Sigh... Here's hoping the Sun they say is returning on Thursday shows up and dries us all up.

  2. Hope you get some sun. Love the printing blocks.