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Monday, June 28, 2010

Way to busy....

One of my favorite parts to living the way we do is I can slow down and not live at a rat race pace but life has gotten away from me all of a sudden.We have been so busy with homesteading projects,settling into the summer routine,getting Issac started at both summer school and his first job,helping my parents and running and running. I have had no time until now to blog and I can only stay for a moment,I had to freeze the berries I picked for jam for a week when life is more quiet,let the laundry pile up and thank goodness the Mama Hen knows what to do because chick care would not be happening.I am trying to get here to blog and catch up but this girl seems to be riding along with Mr Toad on his wild ride and as soon as I find the brake lever I will be back with much to say.

Before I go tho'- Broodie Hen Report: So far we have 3 chicks and another working it's way out of the shell.None of the things I read said this would be a many day process but all is well.The Mama seems to know what to do with the hatching eggs,she has one more to hatch after the one is finished,and our book says once all of the eggs have hatched she will bring her chicks outside,leaving the dud eggs behind for us to pick up. Mama lost one egg early on and one chick did not make it and she booted those out of the nest.



  1. Life can sometimes take over when we least expect it. Take your time. Enjoy the rush while it's there. :)

  2. It's like I'm watching The Discovery Channel -- or The Homestead Channel.