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Monday, June 14, 2010

One more for Todd....

     Todd-Here are photos of our "meat mobile"hanging in the kitchen.in, 3 weeks we will have lovely, oh so fatty,Guanciale. Chance thought you may see the humor in the naming of the hanging meat.Sadly the camera battery died and the charger has gone AWOL so I can't show you pictures of the Bacon he is working or the Pancetta.
  And to the rest of my local readers in 3 weeks we will have some meat open for trading,shoot us an email if you are interested and what you have for trading.

 Chance and Rois


  1. Looks great!!!

    I never even thought about trading my meat for stuff...I've just been giving it all away!!

    It's an expensive hobby, but less expensive than golf trips to CA, and a gambling addiction :)

    Just remember, that you want to keep that meat at approximately 55-60F, with a humidity of ~70%. Your kitchen may be too warm.... could cause the meat to go rancid.

    Also, I know some people are against nitrates and nitrites, but I wouldn't even consider curing meat without them, especially if you're going to share them with people. Botulism is the gift that keeps on giving. :)

  2. Todd-Don't worry the meat did not stay in the kitchen.We have a cooler place we hang the meat that stays just right.