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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching up,Looking back and Breakfast it's whats for dinner

Picture A Day June 20, 2009 - Red Indian Paint...Image by mlhradio via Flickr
 A busy day today spent catching up on some things around here,looking back but starting some new things and breakfast is for dinner.
   I had fallen a bit behind on things around the house the past couple of weeks and the mood to spiff things up hit so,I ran with it.The windows are washed inside and out,the laundry is almost done (not that it ever disappears.That would be the day after I die;an event never seen by my own eyes missed by one day.) And a bunch of other mundane crap I won't bore us with.
  I did take a break from house stuff this morning and read back through my postings here.I am not all the way through yet and will finish in the next couple of days.Looking back I realize we have come a long away in just one year.Yeah,sure we did not do some of the things we had hoped,the Hay Bale Garden beds did not work out ,we still can't seem to pick a tree for the front yard.(I am rooting for the Gravenstien to be planted as a full tree instead of an Espalier.I want Apples!) and the Earth/Cobb Oven has moved WAY down our To Do List.
 That's ok, we planted,grew not only a garden but as a tighter knit family,canned,raised and butchered our own Chickens and learned all sorts of new things.We have met quite a few of our goals as well. We have lowered our waste and created a total system of reducing and reusing everything.Freed up lots of cash by down sizing one vehicle,growing and stock piling more food and being even more mindful of our spending habits.Issac and I are enjoying (other than Issac's Gallbladder.) excellent health that we merit to our change in eating habits.(That is a posting I am considering.This blog is not about our having Crohn's Disease but it is part of our motivation.)  And to add to it we have met some like minded people to share our lives with.
 It has all been good but we are still on our journey.
   I posted earlier today that I have started a Fan Page on Facebook and the response has been a bit overwhelming especially since there are some new faces that I don't even know.Thanks to all of you who have already taken the time to become our fan.I love writing this blog and I love the life we live.Sharing it has made it motivating and exciting all at once.
  My time at Urban Farm has ended,my hours fizzled out and it is now time to return home full time to focus on Hrafinstaad.I had a great time working there and learned some new things so not all was lost. Being back home full time will give me the time that is needed right now for the gardening that is coming sooner than later.I will also have time for a bigger writing project I have in the works.More about that when the time is right.(Margaret, I am doing it!)
  This  morning I was not motivated to leave the house to go to the store for any thing, period! So after counting the eggs I chose Breakfast for Dinner night.We actually like having breakfast for dinner,it is a nice change and when things are tight it stretches the budget. Back at Christmas the boys bought me the "Grand Central Baking Book" and I have been wanting to make the Bread Pudding Muffins but needed a full pound of dry bread for it.Today I used up some left over dinner rolls I made at the beginning of the week and made the muffins. So we will have those with eggs,apple sauce and what ever else I find in the fridge for dinner.
  I am going to add this in here, I am sitting on the fence about Grand Central's book.So far I have made mostly the cookies and every single time I follow their times I end up burning the first batch of cookies.Not nice,Chance still eats them but not nice any way.The recipes are good but maybe are not for a newbie baker.Even today I took out the muffins 10 minutes early.So I don't know if it is the book or my oven until I figure that out I hang here on the fence.And until I work this out I am not sharing the recipe. (I have not shared something in awhile...Note to self- Share a recipe here soon.)
    I am happy and eager to see what this coming year will bring.Come along with us on our journey.

P.S The photo above is of an Indian Paintbrush,the very first flower I learned to identify at the age of 4.I have been thinking about the woods and wild places and how much I love them.
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  1. Yeah! You are doing it! Lovely day, and we had breakfast for dinner last night too!

  2. Breakfast for dinner sounds like a great idea - perhaps that's what I'll do tonight.

    Haven't joined the fan page yet. I only get on FB once a week, if that. So, you may "see" me there soon.

    Thanks again for the primer on chicks a few weeks back. I've got 6 3-wk olds in a brooder cage right now - boy, are they a rambunctious group!!

  3. Connie, I am glad I could help.If you come up with any questions or concerns please let me if I can help.
    Are you amazed at how quick the grow? And messy/dusty?
    What breed of Chicks did you get?