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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh my darling girls.....

Eggs from our chickensImage by Perfectly Natural via Flickr

Today I sold 2 dozen eggs for $3 a dozen! The hens are now earning their keep double time! I am 1/3 of the way to a bag of feed.
The neighborhood next to ours has a great Yahoo group designed for trading,selling and swapping.Although we live outside of their lines someone over there knew we would be interested and we were invited to join up.So today I posted a for sale or trade for our eggs, in under 2 hours I had my eggs sold. I also posted that we would have eggs on a semi regular bases with the hopes that the hens could earn enough to buy their feed.
I feel pretty accomplished as an Urban Farmer today!
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  1. That's fantastic. It's always great when our hobbies/obsessions can turn around around and become self supporting.


    If you'd be interested, I would love to trade eggs for Home made bacon I cure and smoke. or smoked salmon, pickles, jams... all sorts of neat things... check out my blog if you're interested.


  2. Todd, I left a comment on your blog,shoot us an email and we can work out a trade I am sure.

  3. Fantastic. If I lived nearby, I'd buy some too.