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Monday, March 15, 2010

Shhhh, Don't tell my Mother

Don't tell my Mother I have kidnapped her Chicken planter. My Mom's side of the family has played a game of Kidnap for years.The rules are set. Rule #1 place the item in your own home someplace the owner may see it.Rule #2 zip your lip and wait.
When ever the family comes over I have to carefully inspect my house after everyone leaves and believe me we all do the same thing when ever we all get together. Usually some small item will be missing,then you have to figure out who has it and how to get it back.No one will ever confess that would ruin the game.Once I had a plate my cousin bought on her honeymoon for 4 years,I hung it on our living room wall,my cousin came over often it took her 4 years to figure it out.The look on her face was priceless.
I LOVE my Mom's planter,it lives outside of her apartment door in the hallway sadly over looked and longing for a better place to be,so I kidnapped it. My birthday is coming and I am hoping to convince Mom that for my birthday she should just give me the planter.Cross your fingers for me.
I don't blog about my love of vintage anything or my passion for vintage dishes especially the old restaurant wear.Oh and there is vintage embroidered dish towels those rock too. And I dream of owning just one more Ester Hunt bust but that will have to wait until I win the big lotto ticket and since I never remember to buy one I may be out of luck on that. But the chicken planter is kind of everything I love all rolled into one item.Chickens,vintage and its funky shabbiness,I just love it.
Now where am I going to put that planter????? Someplace it will take awhile for my Mom to notice 'cause I am not giving this one up easily.

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  1. What if you put it in the garden space between the house and the garage?