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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Putting the Horse before the cart,opps

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I was so excited after my earlier posting and was really wanting to talk to my Dad so he could fill in the gaps for me but it was 7:30 Am on Sunday which meant two things.Either my Dad was still sleeping or he was getting ready to go to church.To tide myself over I pulled out our chicken book and hoped it had something about this whole chick business. What did I find? We put the eggs before the broodie hen much like the horse before the cart.Dang!
We have to put out some plastic or wood eggs in the nest box to see if we can encourage a hen to go broody once we do we can leave eggs under her.We also will have to move Mama to be to a different coop while she sets.That's no problem since we now own a large chicken tractor currently not in use.
I also read that our Wynadotts are great ones for going broody! Those girls have now redeemed themselves in my eyes, every one of my dislikes for them is gone out the window.
Still excited,still hopeful just a change in the plan. I had better get going Chance is at the hardware store buying stakes for our new Raspberries and I don't think he'd like to find me sitting here blogging instead of getting my self in gear. Hey,it is Sunday at 9 in the morning and I still have coffee in my cup I'll get moving soon...
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