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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hens are smarter than you think.

 I know it has only been a few days since I placed the plastic eggs in the coop but so far nothing is going on.I think the hens know those eggs don't belong,they have scattered them all over the coop and went back to laying their own eggs in the corner like always.
 Once upon a time feed stores sold glass eggs just for this purpose I may have to look around and see what I can find.Maybe since Easter is coming and the thrift stores have the holiday stuff out I could just find some egg ornaments made from something sturdier than the plastic.
   Or I could place a  help wanted ad in the local paper. Wanted for hire one broodie hen ready to set some eggs,willing to work for feed and a cozy coop to sleep in.



  1. Try using wooden eggs they are more realistic looking. Worked for my hens, we got them online but I think Michaels or Joanns would have them available, especially this time of year. Good luck!

  2. I second Aimee's comment. I have a wooden egg that lives in the nest box here - I got mine at Michaels craft store. It is much heavier than the plastic ones so might stay put better. Bill had suggested that I get a fake egg for the hens so they wouldn't mind my removing all the real ones. He said that chickens can't count, as long as there is one egg in the nest they know it is a "safe" place to lay their eggs. This after the year that they snuck a secret nest under the shrubs and fooled me into thinking they weren't laying for two months

  3. I just use a real chook egg marked with a cross. It does need to be replaced every week or so, as it obviously will go off!