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Monday, March 1, 2010

Those Mennonite Girls CAN Cook and other bits.

I may have mentioned the blog I follow called Mennonite Girls Can Cook before but, to prove how much I enjoy their blog I am raving about them one more time (for now.) Mondays have become my Bread Baking Day,I am off work and mostly just at home doing house stuff so it works pretty good.
A week or so ago MGCC posted a recipe using a bread dough 3-4 ways that caught my eye.It was not so much the dough it's self but one of the ways to use it called Platz. I reminded myself to try this out the next time I was baking bread.

When I make bread dough I make enough for two loaves at a time because that is all my mixer can handle.Some of the time I make one loaf's worth of the dough into something other than a loaf. A special treat I make with the dough my Great Grandma handed down,she called them Lard Cakes.Ok lard is not on most peoples lists of tasty bites but all they are is Fry Bread.You take blobs of dough,pat them out and fry them in oil, that's where I think the lard bit came in.Then we eat them with jam or rolled in sugar.

The MGCC's Platz is a bit different.You pat out dough into a baking pan,top with fruit or jam,sprinkle the top with crumb and bake it.I liked the fact that it was all things I have on hand all the time.Today when I tried this out I used Apple Butter and one apple diced up for the filling.From the dough for one loaf of bread I was able to make 2 Platz,one was in a Springform pan and the other in an 8 inch round cake pan.And as my smoke alarm told me the Springform pan was the better choice because the dough rises,the dough in the 8 inch pan goo-ed and I now have burnt sugar in the bottom of our oven,lucky me.

So far the recipes I have used from their blog have all worked just like they said and were good. Not only do they have a great list of standard Mennonite dishes they also have a Gluten Free heading as well,bonus! I also love the way they write,it reminds me of how my Mother and Grandmother would explain recipes to me and write them down.

Another Blog I follow and an author who's books we own is Michael Ruhlman. Today Michael posted a blog about Cultured Butter which has me intrigued.Unlike just plain everyday Butter this one has a bit of yogurt added to the cream giving a different flavor.The posting stated that this butter is common in Indian dishes.The next time I go to the market I want to pick up the cream and some plain yogurt to try this out.And like Mr Ruhlman says,homemade butter dose make a difference in taste.

The Platz is still cooling on the counter,if Chance is lucky there will be one for him to take to work for his crew's morning break.

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