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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wow,when did my world turn so green? Every spring this happens to me,one day I walk out my door and it is like someone turned on the lights after being in total darkness.The world is GREEN,the leaves have fully uncurled,gardens are sprouting and flowers are nodding under the weight of the rain drops.I know I have had my head tucked down taking care of family life but gee-whiz  it is green out there.Nice.
  I have not had much time for homesteading projects this past week I have been just trying to keep up the daily stuff. It feels good to be getting back on track even if the chores sometimes seem like work and I may never find the bottom of the laundry hamper.
  The garden is coming along right on time.Soon we will be able to make a salad using our own greens and radishes. The things that bloom in the garden are blooming.Later today I want to pick some Sage Blossoms,French Lavender and Snowballs for the house.The Snowballs are still a bit green but the contrast of the different shades of green and the bits of purples from the other flowers will look nice.I am not always a traditionalist when it comes to what I put in a vase on the dinning room table,I suppose it is my artistic side showing.
  We never did get one of our hens to go broodie and set some eggs for us.This is probably for the best any way since our girls are laying just fine,are now in the coop full time due to the garden and I don't want them over crowded.Maybe next spring will be the time to try again. 
 This morning when I went to take some recycling to the outdoor can I noticed a mud caked soda can Issac had brought home Saturday.When we go out in the woods,beach or any outdoor place we pick up trash as we go along.It isone of our ways of  keeping our world clean.It always stumps me to think why would someone just leave their trash in some very beautiful places.Saturday as we went along the trail Issac left markers to remind him that on the way back up there was trash to pick up,he came home with 6 drink cans or bottles and a handful of wrappers.If each of us took the time to stop and pick up just one thing it would make a huge difference.A few times in my life we have picked up enough returnable soda cans to pay for the gas we used for our trip,at five cents a can that's a lot of cans.
  But then I thought if the soda cans were left behind would someone in the future find it? Would they think they had found a treasure? As a kid there were old home sites up in the mountains and we would dig through the garbage piles (Not new garbage! There hasn't always been garbage pick up you know.Farms just had a pile out back of the barn where non burnables were piled.) to find old bottles and carry them home as a treasure.Or would that person in the future think it was a shame that people of this era did not take care of our home the Earth? I'd like to think they would be ashamed.
  Well I must go,there is a sun-hole out my window and I need to go to feed the girls while it's not raining.
  Sun-hole: A term borrowed from a friend of ours, meaning a break in the clouds with the sunshine pouring through.A brief and welcomed sight here in wet Oregon.

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