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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A light pleasant rain.

 I am still having some tech problems when ever I post my own photos to my blog.Frustrating,annoying and irritation are the first three words that come to mind.This mind set is making it difficult to want to write. I posted a separate posting that is all photos and no text of the progress we made over the weekend.
  The photos are a walk around the front of the house as you would see it from the street. This weekend we planted the final tree for our fence line in the front. We also turned the ugly tree stump into a bed for pole type of beans. It is going to take some time to rot the stump out so until then we will keep the suckers trimmed and grow vines up the tee-pee to cover it up.
  I planted some flower seeds,poppies,bachelor buttons and cosmos.I have a small grove of borage that self seeded in one of the beds so I moved some of those starts to other places.I love the borage and the bees it brings.
 Chance and I also picked up for free 2 of the black beehive shaped composters. We placed them in corners of the front yard.Now we won't have to be trekking back and forth from the front to the back yard with  yard debris,why make work out of a job? I am thinking about planting some taller flowers to screen the one composter.It's not that ugly but it would be nice to add some flowers where it is any way.
  Just after we finished for the day the rain returned and brought us a light pleasant rain to seat the tree and encourage the seeds to sprout. "A light pleasant rain." that 's Homesteader speak for those times when you want it to rain verses all of those days when you wish it would stop raining so you can go outdoors to get your work done.
 We did not get to see the canning machine.We knocked on the neighbors door and it seemed like no one was home,who knows what happened.
 We did do our swap of samples.Nat brought us one bottle of his cider and we handed over a piece of the cured pork jowl we had on hand.We loved the cider,it's not sweet and has a crispness to it.I am not the most savvy person when it comes to these things but I liked the taste.I can't wait to finish the trade,I think everyone will be happy on both ends.
 None of our hens have gone broody but that's ok, we will keep trying,it is not like we are totally dependent on it.As long as the hens we have are laying it's all good.
 I am researching homestead supply costs. This came about yesterday when I was in Vernonia visiting my Dad.My Dad HAD to introduce me to the lady who runs the local feed store so we went. I could not believe how low her prices were.I talked to the owner of the feed store about this and she told me the farther from the city you get the lower the prices are for most livestock and garden supplies will be. My Dad lives 45 minutes away so the gas costs would not make it worth the trip all the way out there just for feed and straw but we are returning later this week and will pick up some feed and straw while there. I am going to call around to some of the closer to me but farther from Portland feed stores and do some comparison shopping.I am hoping to find a balance of  lower prices but not too much gas used.
 That's about it. I owe a follower a healthy recipe since she was giving me a hard time about the Sticky Buns I posted last week so that will be here soon.


  1. I read online that Hillsboro Feed is milling their own feed from local suppliers, I'd like to check it out (I'm looking for a local source of hen vittles) And they are a bit closer than your dad, I think...


  2. Alison, you read my mind on that one.