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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Small sized shopping bags

I have been having tech issues which frustrate me to no end . Why one whole paragraph is underlined is a mystery and how to get rid of it with out re-writing the whole post is beyond my skills. So if this post is late and the pictures and text don't line up, I blame the computer.

 Monday  my friend Alison came over and we each did a bit of sewing.I have been wanting to make some smaller sized cloth bags to use at the store for produce or bulk items,that became my project for the day. Since we e put bulk items into containers here at home we end up with bags we have to recycle here at home or remember to take to the recycling bins at the stores. The smaller bags will help us use less,one more step forward for us. To make the bags I used some left over fabric,ribbon and made some tags from yogurt tub lids.

The first photo shows how I cut the tub lids out.Followed by tracing small circles.Then cutting the circles out. I later punched holes in each round and pulled the bags drawstring through the hole. When I go to the store I can use the stores grease pencils to write the bin number on my recycled tags.I also might pick up a grease pencil at an art supply store, to keep in my stash of shopping bags.

Here are the bags before they were sewn together.I had some left over pieces from another project and had enough to make 4 bags in two sizes.I love the print of the fabric and think it is much cheerier than the plain muslin ones I have seen for sale at our local store. I made only 4 until I figure out if they really are easy and useful. I also want to see how the store clerks react to them. At one of the stores I know there will be no problems. And at the other store I shop there won't be any issues if I can go on a day when my favorite clerk is working. She's my fav because she does not mind me using paper bags for produce and bulk items even though it slows the line down, her co-workers grumble over the paper bags. 

  When I sewed the bags up I gave them French seams for the strength.I also used the zig-zag stitch for the fold over for the drawstring casing. For the drawstring I used some left over ribbon that was the prefect shade of blue,not planned that way I was just using up what I had on hand.

This photo shows the bags all finished.I was able to fit 6 medium sized oranges in one bag and about 1 1/2 pounds of rice in the other. I am pretty sure we will be able to use these bags for the dry items we buy.If I end up with something a bit sticky I can always wash the bags once I am home.
   Finally I would like to introduce the newest member of the family,Sparrow. She came with the name Daisy but we know 4 other little dogs with the same name so the boys chose to re-name her. Sparrow is a mini-spotted- Doxie, she is 2 and since she is a rescued dog that is about all we know about her. Our friends rescued her from a home where she was not being fed. When our friends first got her she was skin and bones but she is starting to plump up.She has some basic good manners,listens well,follows me everywhere and is settling in great considering she has been here less than 2 days. Thora our other dog seems to be fine with her,Toby the cat is indifferent especially since the dog is smaller than the cat. The chickens are puzzled and watch from afar with a look that says "What the heck is it?" Sparrow seems to be thinking the same of them but they will learn to live together.I never thought we would have such a tiny dog but she has such spunk I am sure she will do just fine.I do draw the line at dressing the dog like a baby. When we went to the local pet store to buy her a collar Chance suggested we just look at the sweaters and coats since she will need something in our cool wet climate.ACK!!! and DOUBLE ACK!!!!!! Poor dogs,who in the hell thinks a dog needs a dress is whacked out. Most likely I will find a pattern and sew her a rain cape or like the neighbor find something at the thrift stores. (Don't get me started on the prices for those "clothes"for dogs!) The photo is not so great,she just won't hold still long enough to get a better one.
  The sun is supposed to come out today,please God let it be true! I need a big fat dose of vitamin D straight from Dr Sunshine.In spite of the pouring rain and wind the seeds we planted are coming up,Beets, Carrots, Salad Greens,Chards and the Sweet Peas too. The chickens are cranking out the eggs but I have not sold any more. Seeing all those eggs sitting in their basket has inspired me to try some recipes that use lots of eggs and the boys are on a Toast and Eggs for Breakfast kick.


  1. Nice Wiener!!! We have two of them ourselves.. you'll find that despite their diminutive size, they're quite "manly" dogs, and wouldn't be caught dead in a sweater or rain cape.

  2. I bought a little coat for my dog once. I thought she would like it when it rains because she hates to get wet. We put the coat on her and she had this look that sad, "Really? Are you kidding me? Well, if you must..."