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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter to my readers who celebrate and I hope those of you who observe Passover had a good holiday as well. This year was our first year not dying eggs or any of the Easter Bunny stuff. Kind of strange to be at that point but the boys are growing up after all so the day was coming.Sol went to Seder Dinner for the first time and I think he was feeling a bit more connected to his Jewish heritage.Issac is pushing 16 and has never cared much for Easter.
  I was the only one interested in trying to dye a few eggs with natural dyes. I took two of our eggs and blew out the egg, I was not interested in eating boiled egg so I saved the eggs for baking today. I made a dye from 4 Red Zinger tea bags and let the eggs set over night. Since our eggs are brown and even though I chose one light one and one dark the results were "Preschool Brown." I used to teach Preschool and when the kids would mix all of the primary colored paints together we would end up with Preschool Brown.Not a charming color but when you are 4 it is lovely. I'd like to try this again but with some white eggs.
  Having been rained in for most of the week there is not a lot to report here. I did discover how our Rooster and the one more clever Wynadott are escaping the coop.There is a spot in their fencing that has rolled over,the chickens have learned that they can jump up on to it and hop out of the coop. It must be time to clip the chickens wings and fix the fence.
   We are feeling a bit cooped up ourselves. Every year we get this brilliant weather in February and then by March we are back to cooler rain.Most years we can hang on knowing that Spring will return but this year the rain is like being water tortured.The drip,drip of the rain hitting the windows and rolling down your neck each time you step out the door.
  My brain has stolen some of the clouds from the sky and feel I have nothing of great importance to share.
 Let me place you on hold while we get back to things.I promise it won't be forever like when you call the phone company,we won't play that God awful music too loudly and we won't ask you to press a series of numbers just to end up in the wrong department.I'll have Homesteading Crafty Goodness to report on tomorrow. I am making something that will keep our journey moving forward......


  1. This is the first year I've ever dyed eggs and we did it with all natural materials. I posted about it here, with pictures:


  2. Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in, the SUN SHINE IIIIN. We miss the sun over here too, being cooped in with the little ones (who aren't so little anymore) is hard. blah....

    See you on the blogs soon