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Friday, April 30, 2010

Spreading the word through inspiration

 It is Friday afternoon almost dinner time,maybe dinner time if the boys show up, and it is quiet. Yesterday started out stormy,clouds rain,hail, a down pour so heavy you could not see out the windows a bit of everything.By afternoon there was a sunhole a really big one that kept spreading,ta da sunshine all over.
  Chance and I darted out and mowed,pulled weeds and took inventory of what was up and what we might need to replant.Things are looking good,lots of little sprouts all over.
   This spring every time we are out working in the front garden we get LOTS of people stopping to talk with us.There have always been some but this year there are more.People ask us what we are doing,why and how.One lady knocked on our door with her camera,she wanted to send her friend pictures since the friend was getting ready to dig up their front yard for garden space.
   A main theme to the questions is why we choose not to grow our garden in straight lines and rows. Well... 1. We are not Farmers who need every inch of field and Farmers end up with erosion problems with those straight lines. 2. Our lot is shaped like a slice of pie,nothing is straight so we are following the natural curves.3.Finally we wanted it to be ours and to reflect our creative sides. 
  We are finding that the garden is bringing our community to our doorstep.All of a sudden there are people of like mind asking us for guidance and we are ok with that.If we can inspire more families to grow some of their own food and take care of things organically that is a good thing.It takes just one seed to get things going after all.
  When we have gone to various classes or meetings geared towards Urban Homesteading/Farming around Portland we have been met with a lot of snobbery. "Oh those Suburbanites they don't care,Why bother with them?" Well heads up it is catching on and here they come!

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  1. Great Post!!

    I'm finding the same thing happens every time I'm working in my garden.

    Converting half my front yard to raised beds was the smartest thing I've done.

    all the best.