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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Homesteading bliss.

   Today was a good homesteading day filled with wintering in tasks and getting things in order for the coming week.The sun was out with it's slanted fall sparkle to it making weeding a not so bad job.
  My shrine to St.Elizabeth is working and all of my baking came out perfect.My only baking related question currently is: How is that whenever I decide to bake I am wearing black? Thank goodness for my lovely collection of vintage aprons.
    The changing weather means that soon it will be time to hunt for mushrooms again.The word on the grapevines is the Chantrells are just starting to peek out.

Chantrell Mushrooms
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  1. Every time I make breaded 'anything' I am wearing black pants--every dang time !~!

  2. Flour sure does love black doesn't it! Funny.