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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award,aw shucks!

     My friend and  fellow blogger Alison sent me a Beautiful Blogger Award here is why-

    I am sending you this "beautiful blogger award" because you are a beautiful person, and I learn a lot from your blog. You are one of my inspirations and I though that you might enjoy doing this activity - Alison

   Well,aw shucks Miss Alison,thanks for the kind words.The Beautiful Blogger Award is part chain letter and partly a way to say "gee,I think your blog is great" .There are two "rules" to the award,I have to write about 10 things you may not know about me (gulp) and pass the award on to someone else.

  My Ten things about me:

 1. A few years ago I had major surgery and after wards the epidural for my pain meds came out so I had no pain meds for 5 hours after surgery because my nurse thought I was some sort of freak or something.Ever since then I can not watch any kind of medicine based T.V show. I get a full blown panic attack,even writing this makes me a bit off.
2. I have studied three languages - French,Russian and Hmong. I understand all three when spoken to but will have to answer mostly in English.
3. I love shoes.If I had the money I would have a huge collection of them.Not high heels though just nifty shoes and boots.
4.When I was 5 I had a pet Turkey who laid me an egg everyday.At the end of my year in Kindergarten my teacher was moving on to a farm.I gave her my Turkey as a house warming gift and to show her how much I loved her.
5. If I could, I would eat Mango and Sticky Rice every single day and never tire of it.
6. Our son Issac gives me so much courage when it comes to having Crohn's Disease.He has taught me to be strong and keep going because what other choice do you have? He is my Crohnie (ha ha bad pun)
7. Out of all the things I do and make I can not knit.Learning to knit is on my winter to do list.
8.  As a kid I thought Earwigs (the bug) would crawl up your neck and bite you on the ear, which would cause  a little curly wig like the old lady down the street wore to grow on your ear.
9. I think ever kid should go to camp at least once in their lives.Even as an introverted child camp helped me to blossom and grow up.
10. I feel at home the most in the woods.



  1. You are a Beautiful Blogger.
    And reading these ten things was very interesting... likely, because You are interesting.
    Really, very interesting. Thank you. I like getting to know you.

  2. I too, could eat Mango and Sticky Rice every day!!

  3. I'm going to read this every day this week. Because it made me smile THIS MUCH. :-)