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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ever notice?

    Have you ever noticed that little box on the right hand side of my blog, the Lijit one.One of the options is to look through the recent readers,I have a habit of when I check in here I check the recent readers list.It can be interesting to see who has stopped by and where they live.It even shows if the person was searching for something.Mostly I see chicken butchering,killing cones-how to make and the other big one is the search for the differences in types of chickens used for cooking.
  Just now I checked that little gizmo and whoa horse what did I read? Paris, France searching for "butchered girls". Oh lord that is grim sounding and kind of freaked me out.Lets all just hope that some how something did not translate the way it should have.

 Today I have been tinkering with my own version of mincemeat for pie.We will be having said pie for dessert and I'll fill everyone in once the votes are in.



  1. Browsing through the searches that bring someone to your blog can be sobering.
    I hope you are always visited by kindred spirits.

  2. I didn't know you could do that. What are those people in Paris up to?

  3. Margaret- Yup and you can even click on the words in blue and Google pops up and shows you other sites with the same topic,I am sure there is some sort of high tech mumbo jumbo for what I am trying to say,but maybe you get it?