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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Strawberries and Fjord Horses

Today I felt like I had come home.Chance and I went to pick Strawberries at a farm 15 minutes from our house.We turned down a shady country road lined with Filbert Orchards,so very Oregon country side.As we came closer to the edge of the farms fields we almost crashed the car into a pole.Right there along the road just behind a fence was a small herd of Fjord Horses. At that very moment I was at a perfect spot that heralded the feelings of home to me.The scent of berry fields, green woods and a horse barn made that very moment perfect.
I adore Fjord Horses,if I ever had more money than I needed I would have my own herd.My name means "like running horses" and horses are my kin in my soul. I do ride a bit,my Dad has a mottle crew of horses but they do not fill my soul the way the Fjords do.I have met a few and they are the sweetest of the all of the horses.My Dad had hoped to buy one for me to have at his house but like I said one would need plenty of money to even add one to their family.Someday maybe but until then every time I see them it will continue to thrill me.
We picked a 5 gallon bucketful of berries in about 20 minutes the field was full of those sugary rubies.The farm was run by the family and even the kids were there working,the way a farm should run.By far Jaquith Farm has the best deal I have found,$1 per pound.Although they were not organic they were local and we met the family so we felt good about buying them.We mentioned my blog to the lady of the farm and asked if she minded me posting their contact information and she was thrilled.So if you live near by us and are looking for some berries I would go visit them.The drive there is beautiful even before you turn on to their road.
Here is their phone number which she wrote on our bucket so it would not get lost (503)628-1640
On the way home we stopped at an Estate sale and found 2 dozen canning jars for $4.We are trying to build up our inventory of jars, we have lots to can this year.
I would say our 17th Anniversary is turning out to be a lovely day for us both.We have put the berries in the fridge until tomorrow and plan on finding some other small pleasant thing to do for the rest of the day. Maybe a bike ride to the local park or a walk in some near by woods.

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