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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I started out today feeling sorry for myself.I live with this disease Crohn's a hereditary digestive autoimmune disorder,I was born with,it won't kill me and on a scale of 1-10 mine is a 1. I have been running, running and just not stopping.That's a bad habit of mine,maybe if I keep going the Crohn's will go away.I am out to prove to myself my disease WILL NOT stop me, can't you see I am to busy for it,there's better things to do.I am not in denial about having this disease but I just don't talk about it so dear readers this may be the only time I mention my own Crohn's.But finally my body has sent me a warning to slow down a bit and remember to stop.Nothing awful esp.when you read up on what Crohn's can be,I am just tired.At Chance's nagging I slowed down today and only did what I wanted.
So to slow down and to stop myself from sinking into this depressing self talk I spent my day outside in the yard.I know kind of crazy,I am suppose to be slowing down,most would think I'd put my feet up and do nothing.I did slow down and set my own pace and stopped when I wanted to.
I find spending time in solitude to be very soothing.By nature I am a solitary person and relish time spent alone.Not easy as a busy parent,the boys were out for the day so I took the day for myself.
I did a bit of weeding and trimming of various things.Checked on the Apples which are looking good.It looks like our little Apple needs some more support lines.I picked 3 more pints of Raspberries with the hens cackling to me and wanting out to join me.
I uncovered our outdoor alter from the mint that was growing into a shrub.I had by then let the hens out to roam the yard.Chickens are great company,with their fuzzy rumps up digging for bugs and happy clucks when something was extra good. I did sit and read for a good while,with my feet up and the sun shinning on me,good old vitaminD.
The weather was fresh and warm today.We had a nice wind blowing and I felt as if my woes were going with the wind.I am still tired but I feel better in the head.I will be sure to slow down,take my vitamins,follow my diet,remember naps are ok and maybe see my doctor soon.
On to a totally different topic- Chance made some excellent smoked Salmon today.He had cured it with salt and brown sugar and left it in the fridge for couple of days to soak up the cure and dry out. The time spent in the fridge is when the fish becomes preserved,it allows the salt to soak in and do its job.The afternoon in the smoker was all about yummy Hickory Chips adding to the flavor.
The Comfrey Tea I was working on the last posting was I think a success. I had a couple of Tomato plants looking a bit pale and limp,I thought we might lose them.The day after I poured the tea on them the plants had perked up.I fed the Chickens the boiled Comfrey greens,they gobbled them up.I was happy to see this evening the hens left the Comfrey plants alone. After reading in a couple of places about the benefits to using Comfrey in your compost,garden or as part of your chicken feed I now wish I had lots more.We currently have 3 medium sized clumps of it.Comfrey is suppose to be an invasive plant but I have had those same 3 plants for 4 years now.It seems like anything that is suppose to take over your garden stays put for me or like Hollyhocks won't grow at all,go figure.
I did not mention in my last post that I had gone to a chicken class.These great folks held this class at their home in Portland.They are using permaculture methods at their house.The class was about ways to not buy feed for your flock of chickens.Mostly it means asking at local food businesses for scraps.But I did learn about some of the weeds that chickens really enjoy.This is where I learned about feeding your birds Comfrey.They also mentioned Clevers or as I know it Piggie Back Plant.Today while weeding I found a clump and took it staight a way to the girls and they did gobble it up.The class has made me a bit more aware of the stuff I am pulling up to compost.Today I ended up with 2 piles of weeding, one for the compost and one for the hens.
I am looking forward to see what other classes they will be holding.I enjoyed meeting them,they were very open with their knowledge and like Chance and I are just wanting to share what they know.
Besides making good food Chance has been very busy here with a blacksmithing order.Right now he is working on an order for some Dutch Oven Cooking gear,pot hooks, trivets and a rack.As soon as the order is filled he will be making some yard and garden things to sell from home.Our plan is to have a table of things for sale open when we are home featuring produce,eggs and black smithing.
So I guess it is no wonder my body wants to slow down we are always doing and going.Next week the boys go to camp while they are gone I will have a bit of a vacation.If you come to find me I'll be out in the back garden living under our pear tree happily resting and on vacation.


  1. Well I guess you got your husbund to quit nagging at you by taking the day off ,good for you. You should go to see your doc. when you can. I love you Blog ,I read it every day and look forward to the next post.
    enjoy you vacation. Larue