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Friday, June 12, 2009

In response to my last blog entry, Homemade Marshmallows are one of the best things I have learned to make instead of buying.The ones from the store are dry and bland in comparison to the ones Sol and I made.This little fellows are smooth and creamy and melt in your mouth.Well worth the effort.The first pan we turned out took some work but , we figured out a trick with the Boning knife that made getting the goo off of the paper easier. I do suggest using a stand mixer to make these unless you want to stand around for 12 minutes holding a hand mixer.Really try these out. Oh, I did not use the food coloring for ours but they are still yummy.
I got a nice reply from Karyn about my slug problem.She suggested using crushed up egg shells,which I have plenty of.She has not tried it herself but I am willing to try it.Chance also read that maybe our garden is to tidy and there's no place for the slugs to have their own habitat. This source sad to lay down some boards to give the slugs a place to live and be found easily so we can get rid of them.I think we will go ahead and try both ideas, couldn't hurt.
Chance and I had a busy afternoon puttering around the yard and garden.Besides some weeding and trimming we got a couple of other projects done.
The first project was to make a new watering bucket for the hens,they needed a bigger one.Chance used a tray for a pot and a cheap bucket to do this. The only tool you need is a drill for the holes you make.First remove the handle of the bucket if there is one, next drill four holes along the rim of the bucket (see photo) spacing the holes so there is one per side. Fill the bucket (we have a 5 gallon one) with water,put the pot tray on like it was a lid now flip it over. A cheap water bucket. We tried a modification with our old bucket that did not work.Chance was hoping to cut a hole in the now top of the water bucket so he could just stick the hose in a fill.This dose not work,you need the vacuum that is created when you flip the bucket over. We spent $7 verse the $30 we have seen plastic pre-fab ones for.
The other project is a combination of different ideas.We put a bag of garden soil on top of our chicken coop,cut a hole and planted Giant Pumpkins in it. I have seen where people have planted whole gardens in bags of soil so why not put the bag on the coop roof.Also a couple of years ago we planted our pumpkins near the coop.This pumpkin grew and grew and grew,up over the covered chicken run,up the fence and over.It was neat and created some summer shade for the birds.So I married these two things but one in reverse.I am hoping the pumpkin will come cascading down from the roof and across the chicken run.Like a little ivy covered cottage but more fun come Halloween.

Well it is Friday Boys Night so I must go make some chow for these hounds.

Coop Top Pumpkins in a bag.

How to make your own Watering Bucket


  1. I like your waterer...If I hadn't found a big one at one of those "scratch and dent" places I would be following in your footsteps. Not that I don't anyway. Is the orange part (the bucket) just held on by gravity?

  2. Slugs!! Aren't they annoying in the garden!?!

    Love the soil on the coop + pumpkins idea!!